Inside The Whale AF517 – 25YEARS


Gênes – Milan – Paris

AF517 / Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, known since 1995 as 5+1, and for the following 12 years as 5+1AA, reaches its 25 year anniversary. Time has changed our name but not our journey.
The journey continues.

“Time is a matter of the project, time is perseverance, research, horizon. Time is always a time between times. I love traveling in all its dimensions and pauses but mostly because it builds a relationship with time, with places and especially people.
A journey, to which I have always wanted to give continuity and evolve through time, came from an idea of many years ago, shared with a sincere friend like Pierluigi Feltri. 5+1, which has taken the name of Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia for several years now, is a journey of enthusiasm, will and curiosity, a journey of responsibility and generosity, where the city, architecture and man are at the center of our reflections.” AF