Allestimento d’interni della sede del Gruppo La Poste
Issy-les-Moulineaux, Francia
committente: Poste Immo

fotografia: ©L.Boegly

Workplace: a place of life, alive. We speak about the “body” of a building. The Lemnys has a frame, its central heart. The different work spaces must not be some boxes annexed to this backbone but suggest some landscape variations. A game of metamorphosis.
Like so many “sequences” that told the ways of living and working in the Group, the offices areas of the Lemnys are less divided than moduled: only 10% of individual offices – shared offices for 2 to 11 collaborators – “bubbles” to isolate or get together with three or four people – conviviality spaces put at the crossrods of the circulations and several sizes of meeting rooms. These ones are shared and located at the entrance of the work spaces.