Maggiore Hospital

Milan, Italy

Maggiore Hospital
Milan, Italy

program: international design competition for the redevelopment of the area of Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico (Major Polyclinic Hospital), Mangiagalli e Regina Elena in Milan
> total area: 137 000 m2
> intervention lot: 76 489 m2
> children’s hospital: 42 032 m2
> medical Centre: 16 336 m2
> parking: 1000
client: Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico, Mangiagalli e Regina Elena
project: Alfonso Femia * with Nickl & Partner Architekten
structural and services engineering: AI Studio, AI Engineering
roads and infrastructures: Stefano Migliaro
acoustic engineering: Wolfgang Sorge
images: ©Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia & Liquid Diamond
“A hospital in the middle, like an urban place.
Like a place made of routes, branching out and creating a centre.
Like a succession of spaces, sometimes natural, sometimes artificial, or urban, or “private”.
We slowly move away from the noises, entering in a silence made of perceptions.
The past enters the the future.
The future demurely dialogues with the present.” AF
A city becoming territory and which may no longer have a centre.
A centre willing to differentiate always more from the territory.
A centre whom services return to be an urban answer rather than a metropolitan one.
A centre where the landmarks of founding elements refers to any identity and the future vision.
A centre made of episodes becoming a whole.
A centre where the “thresholds” of different areas wisely melt together.
A centre where a precise and powerful order is often followed by a chaos without power.

Needs specific answers.
Needs to take back the empty spaces in order to give back identity to full spaces.
Needs to be completed but not piled up.
A hospital in the centre working as an urban place.
Like a place made of paths which is spreading and building a centre.
Like a sequence of spaces either natural or artificial, either urban or “private”.
We slowly depart from noises and we enter into a silence made of perceptions.
Past enters into the future,
The future discreetly speaks to the present.

We cross and we find our way across a new centre either between reflections, or between the colours of a new context.
The search for shade is becoming an opportunity for a changeable story, the rarefaction of an interior looking towards the exterior in the same way it would look at life.
The search for an intimate place becomes the answer for a public place.
A building must be a multiple answer.
A public building must be a responsible answer.