Masterplan Expo 2015

Milan, Italy

Masterplan Expo 2015
Milan, Italy

program: Master Plan of the area Fiorenza-Triulza for the Milan Expo 2015: design of reconvertible pavillons and connected functions (green, directional, entertainment, accomodations)
total area: 635.000 sqm
client: Belgioiosa srl, SSF spa for Milan City Council
Alfonso Femia / Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia with
roads and infrastructures: Stefano Migliaro
structural, environmental and services engineering: AI Studio, AI Engineering
images: ©Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia & Attu Studio
ceramic model: Danilo Trogu
“The Master Plan considers the area as a ‘generating point’, as an opportunity for the development and transformation of an entire area of the city. We imagined how the territory could change with the aim of strengthening its identity and creating a new urbanity.”
The final definition of the masterplan focuses on the conception of the Fiorenza-Triulza area as a “generating point” rather than a fenced-in area. In a context like north-west Milan, we felt that it was essential to have a global vision, envisaging the project as an opportunity, a stimulus and a resource for the development and transformation of an entire part of the city.
Given the above, it was fundamental to imagine how all the different parts, whether open land or built plots, could change in use or strengthen and consolidate their identity to create a new urbanity:liveable places and attractive scenarios.