Bagnoli movie studios

Naples, Italy

Bagnoli movie studios
Naples, Italy

program: Requalification of the industrial archaeological site of “ex Officina Meccanica” in the Bagnoli area; new multimedia studios
area: 6 700 sqm
client: Bagnolifutura spa
architects: * with Od’A
structural engineering: Stige srl
services engineering: Studio Impianti Tecnologici
images: ©Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia
“To renovate a building means to renovate a place and its function.”
To renovate a building means to renovate a place and its function. The context is synthesis and reflection of time and space, of a present able to look forward and backward. The choice was to give coherence to these concepts: meaning of the past, identity of the future. The two approaches determine a relationship based on the balance between shape and function, technology and environment, energetic control and context. While “history” shows up with a rich and articulated plan, with a varied language, the present looks at the future in an unifying, monolithic, communicative way, changing according to the day or night and the scale of the details, focusing on the important dialectic that the city of Naples has consolidated with the contemporary art.