The new cinema palace of Venice

Silvana Ed. / AAM / Ante Prima

The new cinema palace of Venice
edited by: Ernesta Caviola, Alfonso Femia, Gianluca Peluffo
production: Ante Prima Consultants, Paris
editor in chief: Luciana Ravanel
project and execution:: 5+1AA Alfonso Femia Gianluca Peluffo and Ernesta Caviola
images: ©5+1AA – Rudy Ricciotti – Romain Boucher
©2008/Silvana Editoriale/5+1AA/Ante Prima
©2008/AAM/5+1AA/Ante Prima
ISBN: 978-2-87143-218-0
On 26th May 2005, it was announced that 5+1AA and Rudy Ricciotti had won the competition. The new Cinema Palace is among the buildings designed to celebrate 150 years of italian unity in 2011.