Marseille Docks

Marsilio Editori / AAM-Ante Prima

Marseille Docks
edited by: Alfonso Femia
project and execution: Alfonso Femia con 5+1AA (now AF517)
production: Ante Prima Consultants, Paris
editorial direction: Luciana Ravanel
images and drawings: Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia (formerly 5+1AA)
photography: ©Luc Boegly, ©Ernesta Caviola, ©Clément Guillaume
graphic design and layout: Tapiro Camplani+Pescolderung, Valentina Cinetto
©2016 by 5+1AA/AAM-Ante Prima éditions/Marsilio Editori/Tapiro
ISBN: 978-2-87143-318-7
ISBN: 978-8-83172-646-7