3F Filippi

TRIPTYCHproduct design
Alfonso Femia / AF*design for 3F Filippi

Shortlisted in the “Industrial design” category of The Plan Award (2020)
An object made of three lines of light with a different length, united together by some affinities though they are autonomous in space.

Light must be part of space; it must draw the geometry, draw the minimal landscapes in harmony with the nature of the space, and with the feelings of those who live it according to different ways – sometimes operational, ephemeral, collective, friendly or intimate. Light can only refer to its own presence – sometimes discreet, sometimes obvious. When each element produces a variable rhythm or a series of possible sequences, it interacts with us and our needs, until our desires are satisfied.
Trittico is a light with a variable geometry, a variable rhythm, with variable sequences. It is composed of a simple element: a line, that becomes complex in the stratification of the soul, the lighting, and the body of the light.
Trittico is made for all kinds of spaces, from the offices in its usual use or its contemporary meaning: the workplace 3.0, to home – because, in order the objects to enter in contact and speak with us, they have to know how to contaminate the place and US; they must be able to belong to us. Trittico is the space; Trittico is us.

Alfonso Femia

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