LaVallée Eco-District

Chatenay-Malabry, France

LaVallée Eco-District
Chatenay-Malabry, France
total area: 12 780 m2
client: Eiffage Immobilier IDF
images: ©AF517
The project is developed through an analysis of its potentialities: the atmosphere, the landscape light, the environmental constraints and the formal game that consists in a series of cuttings, openings, slidings which define the different bodies of the building.
The volume was broken down according to two principles:
– a corner shaped on the commercial streets,
– more compact volumes allowing visual and vegetal breakthroughs on the planted walkway
The volumes have been curved to follow the movement towards the heart of the plot, open the living-rooms in the corner and bring multiple orientations to the new housing.
The volume, located on the intersection between the commercial avenue and the South street, has been aligned in order to keep the angle of these two busy roads.
This monolith was dug out in order to get to obtain a visual opening on the central part, guarantee a reduction of houses exclusively exposed to the north and the creation of additional double-orientated houses.
In the heart of the block, two buildings appear, increasing the typologies of apartments positioned on the corner.
The different blocks of the project are interlocking, so that they respect a harmony of solids and voids:
– linearity on the commercial avenue,
– porosity on the green walkway,
– permeability on the surrounding plots.