Brunelleschi project

Novoli, Florence

Brunelleschi project

Novoli, Florence

program: Construction of a directional building for Findomestic in the former FIAT area in Novoli, for a total gross floor area of 18.000 sqm and a capacity of 1400 work stations, which can be extended to 1800
gross floor area: 18 000 m2
net usable area: 7 800 m2

client: Novoli Immobiliare SpA
Alfonso Femia / Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia with
landscape design: Michelangelo Pugliese
services engineering: FOR Engineering Architecture
lighting design: Alfonso Femia/AF*DESIGN with IN-VISIBLE lab
economy control office: FOR Engineering Architecture
energy levels and certifications: nZEB, LEED Platinum

images: ©Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia & Diorama

The proposal for the new directional building on Viale della Toscana in Florence summarizes urban planning, architectural and design themes related to the interior fit out which must be able to transform themselves in an opportunity to give shape to a new representative and efficient building.
AF517’s proposal defines a project capable of reading a context in transformation, but already characterized by the strong volume of the “Palazzo della Giustizia” that the new building will have to be able to confront itself with.
The idea is based on a concept that has origin in the definition of a large central green courtyard in continuity with Novoli’s park, which recreates a natural context of strong impact and capable of increasing the quality of the office spaces and to strongly characterize the building.
At the center of the courtyard, on the ground floor, the circular shaped volumes of the common services such as the canteen, the hall and the cafeteria will be arranged; all around the curtain of the 5 floors of offices will face the new gardens.
This system defines the grammar of the facades: the one towards the street, more institutional and rigorous, and the one towards the interior of the courtyard, more transparent and useful for defining a direct contact with the external spaces.
A large, full-height cut characterizes the northwest corner of the courtyard. This “interruption” of the curtain of the building allows to highlight a sort of “remarkable point” which allows, on one side, to perceive the large green space of the courtyard even from the street, and on the other, to highlight the new entrance to the building, directly from Viale Guidoni, which is the point of major visibility of the new building.
Attention towards sustainability issues is expressed through the use of fully recyclable materials and furnishings, through the use of renewable energies and passive strategies for the thermal control.
A contemporary building, with a strong architectural character, capable of making the most out of the peculiarity of the area: an urbanized context, with the presence of important natural elements that can affect the quality and image of the new office spaces.