The many faces of the moon


The many faces of the moon
7.27 THE MOON CODEX by Alfonso Femia
for Hoperaperta “La decorazione come struttura narrativa”
photos: ©S.Anzini
“Moving eastward about 13° every 24 hours, we never find the moon in the same place. ’The many faces of the Moon’, with the contribution of international artists, is an interpretation of the continuous modification in aspect and position of the moon, which affects, in its revolution motion, the growth and movement of the elements on Earth.” AF
“The work of Bobur Ismailov “Attraction of Artemis” and that of Robi Renzi “Peaks and Depths Platinum” compose, with the intervention of Marzorati&Ronchetti (on the design of AF*Design), a veritable triptych that captures its dynamic aspect with a kinetic work.
The proper movement of the composition, in the simultaneous perception of each artist’s vision, presents a new reading given by the changing relationships between the single parts. The viewer will be able to interact with the elements, the reflections of the materials, the lights and the shadows composing his own vision: like a montage of frames, the viewer will sequence the faces of the Moon generating a personal, and always different, vision.” Alfonso Femia

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