INFINITOdesign   product design
photos: ©S.Anzini
«A handle does not only open a door. A handle does not open only one door. The gesture that accompanies the opening or closing of a door has to be part of the description of an emotion in the everyday dimension of time. That gesture possesses an invisible thread, though we have forgotten it, that unconsciously leads us into the room we open before our eyes or we leave behind us. We want to make visible that thread created by the handle as a moment suspended between two moments. The two-dimensional thread extends from the various borders of the door and forms the handle, then continuing its voyage in the imagination, towards the other side, then upward, then in another direction. It is a line that could host or sum up words, memories, dreams, emotions. The relationship between the surface of a door and its thickness thus becomes similar to a movement that is designed on that surface like a materic, empathic “soligram”.» Alfonso Femia