PHotos: ©S. Anzini
Wallpaper Collection 2018 / Collezione Scrittura Mediterranea

The act of writing, words, often free and/or alone, their composition as poetry, text, are one of the worlds that accompany me, year after year, in a deep exploration of how a single word hides and also reveals different worlds for each of us, but worlds that put us in contact with each other. Today, writing and words are not elements we mostly focus on, but it must be done, we must stop and do it.
I met Arthur Simony, by chance, thanks to Antoine Vernholes, during a beautiful night out with friends in Paris. His work immediately struck me for the apparent simplicity and depth of every gesture that builds every word.
The hand is what is closest to our heart and it is guided by an instantaneous dialogue between mind and soul. The hand, when it writes, or writes by drawing, it opens doors to imaginaries and realities that merge, guide us, disorient us, and that accompany us into the world. Three words, love, realism, imaginary, three words that belong to me but also to many others, I thought they could create vortices thanks to Arthur’s hand, and accompany us, in our intimate secret, in our imagination, in our reality of love.” Alfonso Femia