La Città Buona

Marsilio Editori / Ante Prima

La Città Buona
Per una architettura responsabile

published by: Marsilio Editori
production: Ante Prima Consultants
editorial direction: Luciana Ravanel
editorial coordination: Arielle Lauze
authors: Paul Ardenne e Alfonso Femia
translations: Rossella Savio
editorial project and artistic direction: Tapiro, AF*Design
graphic design: Tapiro
illustrations: Gianluigi Pescolderung/Tapiro
available in: Italian, French
©2021 / Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia / Marsilio / Ante Prima / Tapiro

“To tell the truth, everything was already changing before the pandemic. It was very convenient to ignore it and continue with an inertial way of thinking and urban strategy. So, in the last ten years, a lot of architecture has been designed in a non-innovative way. And in terms of social space and community, we are paying bitter consequences for it.”