Masterplan Martiri della Libertà school complex area

Settimo Torinese, Italy

Masterplan Martiri della Libertà school complex area
Settimo Torinese (TO), Italy

program: Strategic master plan for the valorization of the Martiri della Libertà School Complex area within the Borgo Nuovo in Settimo Torinese, with the construction of a new Civic Center including a kindergarten (5 sections), an elementary school (15 classrooms) and a gymnasium-auditorium.
The project is funded by the European Union, Integrated Urban Plan “Torino Metropoli aumentata: abitare il territorio” – PNRR – Mission 5 – Component 2 – Investment 2.2 “Integrated Plans”
> land area: 11.157 m²
> covered surface: 3.465 m²
client: Città di Settimo Torinese + SAT s.c. a r.l
Alfonso Femia / Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia with Studio BV36
landscape design: Michelangelo Pugliese
structural and services engineering: SERTEC engineering consulting srl
acoustic design: arch. Chiara Devecchi ACU.TO Acustica Torino
coordination: SAT s.c. a r.l.
high environmental quality: energy class NZEB
images: ©AF517 & Diorama
“In Settimo Torinese, we envision a multifunctional building, in which the school is the engine of regeneration, through the activation of virtuous processes: cultural incentive, soft mobility, environmental sustainability, a bridge toward urban green areas, social sustainability, and inclusion.
Architecture, materials, finishes and colors.
For the children who will experience it in the years to come.” AF
With the BORGONUOVOVENTITRENTA regeneration program, the city aims to upgrade the neighborhood’s services and connect them through major roadways, which have also been upgraded and adapted to modern needs.
The program involves, among others, the ” Martiri della Libertà” school complex currently consisting of a kindergarten and an elementary school.
The Urban Regeneration program systematizes several Interventions hinged by the neighborhood’s load-bearing road axes, which in turn are the subject of road rationalization actions and the encouragement for slow mobility.
The area ideally consists of 3 areas currently occupied by the “Martiri” and “Pezzani” schools, the shopping center and, across Via Fantina, the market and senior center.
The “Martiri della Libertà” – “Pezzani” school complex currently occupies part of area 2. Depending on the different hypotheses for the location of the new complex on the three identified areas, different arrangements and balances open up on the area and the neighborhood.
The re-design of the complex involves the incorporation of the two schools into a unified plexus, which will have to form an urban hub enjoyable by the entire population of the municipality and become an attractive point for the social and cultural life of the neighborhood.