“Salerno – Costa D’Amalfi” Airport

Salerno, Italy

“Salerno – Costa D’Amalfi” Airport
Salerno, Italy

winning project 2022
estimated end of work 2026
program: Construction of the new “Salerno Costa d’Amalfi” airport in Salerno, Naples Region including a terminal for commercial aviation, the necessary infrastructure for the organization of flights, a fuel depot, a multipurpose building for main office use, the harmonization of flight runways and outdoor spaces linking all new infrastructures.
> area:
– usable area: 17.500 m2
– total outdoor area: 42.500 m2
client: GESAC | Aeroporto di Salerno
Alfonso Femia / Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia with Deerns Italia SpA and Deerns Nederland B.V (mandatary group leaders)
landscape design: Arch. Michelangelo Pugliese
coordination and management of relationships between the design team and the public agencies involved: OdA Officina d’Architettura
general coordination, plant engineering and specialized design for sustainability and comfort I coordination générale, BET fluides et HQE: Deerns Italia SpA
BHS facilities, airfield systems: Deerns Nederland B.V

specialized consultant for airport and terminal development planning: PLANEGROUND
BIM design coordination, structural designs, infrastructure design, geology, and quality control: TECHPROJECT
airport safety in fire prevention: SF engineering
images: ©AF517 & Diorama
model photos: ©S. Anzini
model: ©S. Rossi
“The terminal itself must constitute for the passenger part of the journey and the discovery of the territory, it is the beginning and end of an experience.” AF
The new terminal is conceived as an overall intervention, synergistic with the landscape and the surrounding context. This is a unique opportunity for a territory so fragile and battered by the massive presence of the high-intensity agriculture production industry but also a territory with great potential for its positional value in the middle of the Mediterranean. It is therefore essential to design a modern and functional infrastructure, perfectly consistent with the landscape, identity, environment and experience of the territory.

The methodological proposal is articulated around a strong identity of the terminal but also responds to the objectives of the client in terms of modularity, expandability and energy performance (sustainability), the three fundamental design pillars.
Below is a brief description of how these design activities, including the aggregable architecture, were conceived and incorporated into an organic and transversal conceptual idea.
The founding act of our proposal lies in the atmosphere of the context, an atmosphere closely linked to the name of the airport itself: “Salerno – Costa d’Amalfi”: the terminal itself must constitute for the passenger part of the journey and the discovery of the territory, it is the beginning and end of an experience.
Our project was born from the study of the different scenarios offered by the surrounding contemporary territory, , the only way to recognize the forms of a wide, widespread and heterogeneous territory, made of natural and anthropic elements, looking towards the built and natural horizon that extends from the Naples metropolitan area to the border of the Campania region with the Basilicata region. A territory, therefore, very rich and and everything but boring. Physical reality offers the starting points for glimpsing the forms of future developments.
Based on these reflections, with the objectives of flexibility, cost efficiency, quality, enhancement of experience and sustainability, the new terminal is designed as an aggregation of highly efficient and interconnected modular functional spaces.
A modular structure is at the base of the entire project, which from a compact three-dimensional grid extends and merges with the surrounding territory, through clusters that extend to the inside of the parking lot.
The expansion of the terminal is guaranteed by the expandability of the volumes in the different directions, excluding the area near the airport runways, within the modular structure. The coverage grows together with the terminal, defining an evolving landscape. It is planned to expand the baggage claim area, bag drop off, lounge area and security.