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Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia (AF517) is, from 2017, the new name of 5+1AA. Created by Alfonso Femia with other fellow travelers in 1995, the Atelier(s) explores the world and the human relationships through architecture, dialog and matter, listening, searching and asserting an idea of the project as a dialog tool and the importance to think and imagine the spaces, the architectures and the chronotopic cities.
“Alfonso Femia, is the founder of 5+1 agency in 1995, that became 5+1AA in 2005, and that has transformed into Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia. In 2007, with the creation of the Parisian agency, he develops the project themes in an “atelier” gathering three places characteristic of the identity of Genoa, Milan and Paris, where a multidisciplinay team makes them live like a unique place for project and thought, feeding on the different particularities and experiences of the three cities. The Atelier(s) confront the contemporary in the way they address the relationship between territory, city and architecture, constructing this relationship as a representation of reality.
A visionary pragmatism that feeds reality with its own imaginary and believes that the latter can get in touch with reality. The perception and the transformation of reality are the keys to a conception of architecture as both body and idea, at once real and emotional, pragmatic and sensual, acceptable and yet also capable of engendering wonder as a catalyst of new understanding.
The research on matter, characteristic of the last projects made in Italy and France, is fundamental
in the reassertion of matter as an empathic dimension of architecture when it encounters the ones who live it and occupy the city. Matter wants also generously reassert the importance of a close dialog between all the actors of the project, from the client to the craftsman. The Marseilles Docks are the reflection of the main themes developed by Atelier(s) AF517: the relation between public and private, the project as a place of destination. The dialog as a project tool and the project as a dialog tool are the actions that distinguish the thought of Atelier(s) Femia, believing in the project as an opportunity of encounters and exchanges; that is measured in and with time and that makes the chronotopic dimension one of the objectives of our research.”
In 1995, when 5+1 was created, Alfonso Femia built the Forum of Aquileia, the University Campus of Savona, the Wyler Vetta Pavilion in Basel, the headquarters of the Ministry of the Interior in Rome, the Low Emission Building in Savona, the Ice Palace and the Ice Factory in Milan,
the Assago Retail Park, the Villa Sottanis, the Exhibition Centre in Casarza Ligure, the Blend Building and the Blend Tower for General Properties in Milan, and the Marina Residence in Cotonou (with Peia Associates).In 2005, 5+1AA was created and Alfonso Femia won the competition for the new Venice Cinema Palace with Rudy Ricciotti.In 2006, he opened an atelier in Milan, dedicated to the creation and the research on the contemporary city.
The same year, Simonetta Cenci became a partner of 5+1AA and took the role of General Manager for the Ateliers of Genoa and Milan.

In 2007, he created 5+1AA in Paris, with the collaboration of Nicola Spinetto. The agency developed the master plan that allowed the city of Milan to win the 2015 World Exposition.

In 2008, he won the competition for the new Fiera Milan business headquarters, built in 2010 with Pietri Architectes.

In 2009, he won the competition for the redevelopment of the Marseilles Docks – for J.P. Morgan and Constructa Urban Systems – and for the Great Railways Workshops in Turin, where the 150th-anniversary celebrations of the Unification of Italy were held.
In the same year, he also completes the reconstruction of a housing complex in San Giuliano di Puglia.

In 2010, he won the competition to design the Generali SGR residential complex in Milan and he also built the Toy and Arts Museum
in Cormano.

In 2011, he won the Philippe Rotthier European Prize for Architecture in Brussels with the Ice Factory project in Milan and the International Chicago Athenaeum Award for the Horizontal Tower: new headquarters of the Fiera in Milan.

In 2012, he developed a program of housing in Évry, designed a strategic master plan for the city of Palermo, urban programming, and study for the area around Grand Paris, a master plan for the Yeni Shenir in Istanbul, and for the Secteur Étoile in Geneva.
He then completed the building of the new Italian space agency in Rome. The same year, he won the competition for the new BNL-BNP Paribas headquarters in Rome and the competition for the urban requalification of the Michelet RRG site in Marseille with Carta Associés.
He won the Revealed Architectures Award with the Great Railways Workshops project in Turin.

In 2013, he built the Deledda Centre, the requalification of the Beleno Barracks area in Venaria Reale, and the new school complex in Zugliano. He won the competition for the regeneration of the former Fitram site in La Spezia, was entrusted with the reconversion of Lots 4 and 9 of the harbor of Tangier, and with a residential project of 183 housing units in Asnières-sur-Seine. He was invited to participate in international competitions in Algeria, Germany, and China, where he was a finalist for the new cultural center of Yuangh with Marco Piva.

In 2014, he won the competition for the redevelopment of the Bank of Italy in Rome.
He participated in the competition for the project of the new tramway in Istanbul and was invited to the competition for the new Ferragamo logistics center in Florence.

In 2015, he completed the Marseille Docks, the university building IULM 6 in Milan, and the GLF/MSC Cruises towers in Genoa.
He won the competition for the construction of a student residence, a hotel, and offices in Créteil-l’Échat with MG-AU and the one for the Dallara Academy: the construction of a training and exhibition center in Varano de’ Melegari, Parma.

In 2016, he completed the projects of the new headquarters of BNL-BNP Paribas in Rome, the residential complex gathering 183 housing units in Asnières-sur-Seine, the interior arrangement of Groupe La Poste headquarters in Paris, and the redevelopment of Cantore’s former barracks into a music school in Cuneo.
The Marseille Docks were awarded several national and international awards including the MIPIM Awards in Cannes, the LEAF Awards in London, the ULI “Global Awards For Excellence” in Dallas, and The Plan Awards. The Plan International Awards also awarded the new BNL-BNP Paribas headquarters in Rome, also a finalist in other awards, including the 2017 Mipim Awards, the Gardens of Gabriel in Asnières-sur-Seine.

In 2017, the residential complex in Asnières-sur-Seine and the Dallara Academy were awarded a special mention in The Plan Awards. The latter also won the LEAF Awards in London as the best “project under construction”. The projects of the Marseille Docks, the university building IULM 6 in Milan, and the LIFE residential complex in Brescia won the First Prize in the Ceramic Tiles and Architecture Award.

In 2018, Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia won the competitions for the 3* Affordable Chic Hotel in Europacity, the transformation of the former Infantry School into housing in Montpellier, and the redevelopment of two universities in Marseille and Avignon.

In 2019, the Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia won the international competition for the redevelopment and recovery of the complex of the first Italian state mint in Rome and the construction of offices in the Toulouse-Blagnac airport area for the project ”Dessine-moi Toulouse”.
Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia ultimates ”The Corner”, redevelopment of a directional building in Milan, awarded, as the Dallara Academy, at The Plan Awards 2019.
The Dallara Academy and the project of the Gardens of Gabriel in Asnières-sur-Seine have also been awarded in the international Grand Prix Casalgrande Padana.

In 2020 the Atelier(s) won the competitions for the new school complex of Legnago (Vr) and the Chittolina sports area in Vado Ligure (Sv), while in France, the competitions for the Construction of the Maison d’Action Publique (MAPI) of the University of Annecy, and an office building with a multifunctional hall in Cesson-Sévigné, Rennes. The housing project “Living in the Blue” was also completed.
In the same year, the CuboMagico240 was awarded at The Plan International Awards in the «industrial design» category, while the Urbagreen project in Romainville received a mention in the “Housing” category. The door handle (In)finito, designed for Dnd, is included in the Compasso D’Oro ADI Index 2020.

In 2021/2022 Atelier(s) won, in Italy, the competition for the redevelopment and recovery of the first Italian Mint in Rome, for the Porto Corsini terminal in Ravenna, for the Citadel of Culture in Messina, for the Porto Marghera Venice terminal, for the Salerno airport, the Justice Park in Bari and abroad, the university campuses in Annecy and Avignon and multifunctional and residential complexes in France.

Alfonso Femia is currently working on the development of projects in Uzbekistan, France, Spain and Italy and new design products are being studied.

Alfonso Femia


Alfonso Femia was born in Taurianova, Reggio Calabria (IT) on December 1966, the 7th.
He graduated from the University of Genoa – School of Architecture in 1992.
Register of Architects of Genoa (IT) since 1994. Register of Architects of Île-de-France (FR) since 1995. Register of Architects of Switzerland since 2014.
Alfonso Femia has been a teacher of Architectural Design Didactics at Kent State University in Florence and at the Universities of Genoa and Ferrara – Schools of Architecture.
In 2015, he created 500×100 and 500x100Talk, the city as a dialog tool. He uses the SetTalk format in Milan and the City Talk in the main European and Mediterranean cities so that the city becomes a dialog tool, a place of meetings and exchanges on the theme of the city itself.

Simonetta Cenci

partner, deputy Managing Director

Born in Genoa (IT) on September 4th, 1970.
Graduated from the University of Genoa – School of Architecture in 1995.
Register of Architects of Genoa since 2000.
Collaborator of 5+1 since 1998.
In charge of ISO 9000 quality standards since 2005, she becomes partner architect of 5+1AA in 2006.
Responsible for the coordination of the various project activities and competitions, over the years she has assumed a role in General Management of the activities of 5+1AA in coordination with Alfonso Femia.
Responsible for the design sectors related to health buildings and redevelopment/rehabilitation, she mainly coordinates the ateliers(s) of Genoa and Milan. From 2017 she is General Manager of Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, new denomination of 5+1AA.
She has collaborated with Architectural and Urban Design Didactics at the Faculty of Architecture of Genoa.

Sara Gottardo

associated architect, director of Atelier Paris / Brussels

Born in Treviso (IT) on November 22nd, 1979.
Graduated from the University of Venice IUAV – School of Architecture in 2004.
Register of Architects in Italy since 2006 and registered to the “Ordre des Architectes Ile de France” since 2011.
After Venice, Genoa and Milan, now she lives between Brussels and Paris.
Collaborator of 5+1 since 2004.
Responsible of the Milan Atelier from 2007 to 2011, from 2014 she coordinates the team in the Parisian Atelier.
From 2017 she is project director of Atelier Paris in coordination with Alfonso Femia.
Responsible for the coordination of the design of the transversal teams of the various offices of the agency, from 2017 she is an associated architect at Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, new denomination of 5+1AA, in Paris.

Liloye Chevallereau


Born in Luçon (France) on August 23rd, 1991. Graduated from the Université de Bretagne-Sud in European project engineering.
She has been collaborating with 5+1AA since 2013.
She is in charge as director of research and development and communication in coordination with Alfonso Femia.
She oversees national and international competitions together with Simonetta Cenci and Sara Gottardo. She is responsible for coordinating teams at the Atelier in Paris.
Since 2021, she is associate director at Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, new denomination of 5+1AA, in Paris.

Amandine Aubrée


Born in Béziers (France) on November 30th, 1991.
Graduated from the École d’Architecture de Montpellier in 2015.
She has been working with 5+1AA since 2016.
She first worked in Genoa (2016) and Milan (2017) then she joined Atelier Paris (2018) where she is mainly in charge of residential projects.
She is responsible for coordinating projects at the Atelier in Paris.
Since 2021, she is associate architect at Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, new denomination of 5+1AA, in Paris.

Marco Corazza

Milan Atelier director
Advisory Board

Born in Pordenone on June 6th 1981.
He studied at IUAV University of Venice and graduated from the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture in 2006.
He has been a member of the Order of Architects and Planners of Milan since 2008.
After having collaborated with the Milanese studios Metrogramma and Amdl Michele de Lucchi, in 2011 he becomes director of Atelier Milan in coordination with Alfonso Femia. Since 2012 he provides teaching assistance at Politecnico di Milano.

Alessandro Bellus

Milan Atelier director
Advisory Board

Born in Genoa on January 24th 1980.
He graduated from the University of Pavia, Faculty of Engineering/Architecture in 2006.
He has been a member of the Order of Engineers in Italy since 2007.
He has collaborated with Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia Genoa since 2007 and from November 2010 he is Project and Construction manager at Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia in Milan.

Sara Traverso

project director for France at Atelier Genoa
Advisory Board

Born in Genoa on March 10th 1970.
She graduated from the University of Genoa, Architecture faculty in 1999.
She has been a member of the Order of Landscape Architects of Savona since 2000 and has collaborated with the studio since 1999.
In 2009 she began managing projects and construction sites in France and since 2017 she is project director for France at Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia in Genoa.

Fabio Marchiori

Project manager
Advisory Board

He has collaborated with Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia since 2009.
He initially worked in Atelier Genoa before joining Atelier Milan where, since 2016, he has been director of research and development on materials and technologies, and project manager for eastern countries.

Carola Picasso

Project manager
Advisory Board

Born in Genoa on June 2nd 1978.
She graduated in Architecture at the University of Genoa in 2005.
She is a member of the Order of Architects in Italy since 2007.
She has been collaborating with Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia since 2004, where she begins her professional career.
Within the studio she follows the executive and construction phases of various projects both in Italy and France.

Francesca Recagno

Project manager
Advisory Board

She has been working with Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia since 2003 and from 2010 she is in charge of the development of French projects in collaboration with Atelier Paris, focusing in particular on residential and educational projects (schools, universities).

Enrico Martino

project, design and graphics director Atelier(s)

Born in Genoa in 1971.
He graduated in Architecture from the University of Genoa
and registered with the PPC Order of Architects of Genoa in 2002.
He collaborated with 5+1AA, now Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia,
from 1997 to 2005.
After collaborating with the Paris-based studios Dominique Perralut Architecture and Métra + Associés, since 2008 he has been studying issues related to exhibition and editorial design.
Since 2015 he has been director of interior, product, editorial,
and web projects by AF517, AF*Design, and 7.27, between Genoa, Milan, and Paris.

Lorenza Barabino

BIM manager Atelier Genoa

Nata a Genova, nel 1999 si laurea in Architettura con una tesi in cui analizza, tra le altre cose, i contributi degli oggetti parametrici nel processo progettuale.
Dopo un’esperienza annuale nel campo della grafica, nel 2001 è chiamata a collaborare con lo studio 5+1AA di Genova, inizialmente occupandosi sempre di grafica, concept design e immagini di sintesi; poi affinando le sue competenze di progettista lavorando su prestigiosi progetti esecutivi, come Frigoriferi Milanesi, Sviluppo Sistema Fiera, Torri MSC, ecc. Contemporaneamente continua a coltivare il suo interesse per il processo BIM. Dal 2015 ricopre il ruolo di BIM Manager all’interno dell’Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia,in vista della direttiva che prevede l’uso del BIM per specifiche opere pubbliche entro il 2019.

Roxana Calugar


Born in Romania in 1987, she graduated in Architecture at University of Architecture and Urban Planning “Ion Mincu” Bucharest, with an year of study also at the Technical University of Lisbon.
Her collaboration with the studio begins in 2012 following projects in definitive and executive phases. Since 2015 she follows projects in collaboration with Atelier Paris.

Stefano Delogu

project manager atelier Paris

Born in Alghero (Italy) on February 2nd 1985.
He graduates in Architecture at DADU University of Alghero
in 2016.
Director of BIM projects, he deals with and follows the development of projects and construction sites in the south
of France.

Gianmatteo “Teo” Ferlin

communication manager

Born in Finale Emilia (Modena) on January 12th 1969.
He attended the Faculty of Political Sciences – Communication Sociology of the University of Bologna.
Based in Milan, he works in the communication, publishing and competitions area, in life he is also a musician.
He has collaborated with 5+1AA, today Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, since 2008.

Natalee C. Rojo

Communication, web and social media manager

Born and raised in Miami (Florida, USA).
As a communication and graphic designer, she studied Industrial Design at Sapienza University of Rome and Communication Design at the Politecnico di Milano.
In charge of web and social media, she creates, edits and plans content for the different platforms.
She has followed various editorial projects of the studio and is also in charge of communication for 500×100.

Giacomo Quercia

project manager atelier Paris

Born in Viterbo (Italy) on February 25th 1989.
In 2014 he graduates in architecture from the University of Ferrara (IT) and becomes a member of the Italian Register of Architects.
He begins his collaboration with Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia in 2018 within the Parisian Atelier. He deals with and follows the development of projects and construction sites in France.

Alfonso Marotta


He studied in Rome where he graduated in Architecture, and after a brief training experience in Spain, he returns to Italy and takes his first steps in the capital.
Enrolled in the Order of Architects in May 2018, in the same year, he moved to Milan and began his collaboration with Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, supporting the design team on various design competitions.
Today he takes care of project final and executive design phases for the Atelier in Milan.

Angela Cavallari

Project manager

Born in Legnago (Verona), in 2010 she graduates in Architecture from the University of Ferrara and then follows a master in Interior Design at Politecnico di Milano – Scuola Politecnica di Design.
She begins her carrier in Padua, Venice and Vienna to then begin her collaboration with Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia in 2015.
Within the Milan Atelier she follows the development of public projects destined to scholastic and cultural activities.

Arianna Dall’Occa

Project manager

Born in Bologna, she studied at Politecnico di Milano where she graduated in Architecture in 2014.
During her studies she participated in the “Overseas” program studying 6 months in Sydney (Australia).
In 2015 she moved to Genoa where she began her collaboration with Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, supporting the design team on different projects in Italy and Egypt.
In 2017 she moves to Milan where she continues her collaboration with the studio following projects in their development process from final to executive design phase.

Stefania Bracco

Project manager

Francesca Pirrello

Project manager

Vittoria Paternostro


Maria Michela Scala


Carlotta Turrato


Giovanni De Grandi

Computer-generated imagery manager

Fernando Cannata

BIM manager

Jessica Emma Manzoni


Chiara Ponti


Vittorio Valentini


Antonella Muzzi

commercial administration Atelier(s)

Le Tre Linee d’Acqua
La Biennale dello Stretto – first edition

Forte Batteria Siacci, Campo Calabro (RC)
Museo Novecento Firenze
17th Venice Architecture Biennale
Italian Pavilion
Bibliothèque Alexis de Tocqueville, Caen (France)
Biennale di Pisa – III edition

Arsenali Repubblicani
A chi appartiene lo spazio pubblico?
– Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia

Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris
Best Italian Interior Design Selection
traveling exhibition

Triennale Milano, Alba, Carrara (IT)
Il cielo di Roma

Festival 2017 di Letteraltura
Centro Eventi Il Maggiore di Verbania
Biennale di Pisa
International Pavilion
Arsenali Repubblicani
5earths+1form – 2012
Triennale di Milano
with Danilo Trogu, la Casa dell’Arte Albissola
Il futuro nelle mani, Artieri domani
Great Railways workshops, Turin
Ceramic models exhibition
with Danilo Trogu, la Casa dell’Arte Albissola
Cosa c’e in Frigo?
Qu’est-ce qu’il y a dans le frigo?
What’s in the fridge?

Open Care, Milan
real-ism 5+1
Raas Gallery, Milan
Cadolini Citta in Arte
5+1AA atelier, Milan
Whitecross Gallery, London
5+1AA Realismo Magico
Pescheria Nuova, Rovigo (IT)
5+1. Aspettando il disgelo
SESV Florence
5+1, Genoa. The shadow of the ideas
ETH Zurich
5+1: progetti in gruppo
Italian Cultural Institute, Paris
The BeTwo lamp, designed by Alfonso Femia/AF*Design with iGuzzini, in the Product Design category
The BeTwo lamp, designed by Alfonso Femia/AF*Design with iGuzzini, in the Product Design category
Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia’s project wins first place (ex aequo)
Distinction for “Entre-Deux” designed by Alfonso Femia/AF*Design for Albed
The Towers of San Benigno project wins the Building Redevelopment/Urban Regeneration category
The project for the new Vimar logistics center in Marostica receives a mention in the New Construction category
Winning project in the Industrial category is the New Vimar headquarters and logistics hub
Winning project in the Sport and Leisure category is the New tourist complex in La Ciotat
Prize awarded for the artistic and cultural contribution to the city of Campo Calabro, the innovative regeneration formula for Forte Batteria Siacci, and for opening the place to an international dimension
Winner of the “Innovation and Design/Future” category is Milano3.0 project in Basiglio, an example of an innovative urban planning model, Dea Capital Real Estate SGR, High Garden Fund
Among the finalists for the “Investment and Asset management” category is Banca Ersel in Milan with Caradosso 16

Alfonso Femia was awarded with the Architecture Award for his international design and research path with his Atelier(s), and the Culture Award was given to La Biennale dello Stretto, conceived by Alfonso Femia, curated together with Francesca Moraci, and developed with the Reggio Calabria Order of Architects
First prize for Urbagreen in Romainville, 8ème Art in Marseille, the touristic complex in La Ciotat, Living in the Blue and San Giovanni Housing in Milan

Dallara Academy wins the category “Culture and Museums”
and The Corner receives an honorable mention
The BNL-BNP Paribas headquarters win the category “Architectural Design – Sustainable & Energy Saving”
and The Corner receives an honorable mention in the “Architectural Design / Restoration & Renovation” category
Magic Cube 240 is the winning project in the “Industrial Design” category, Urbagreen receives a mention in the “Housing” category, while the residential project Living in the Blue and the lamp Trittico are among the shortlisted projects
Drop by Drop wins for “Excellent Product Design” in the “Lighting” category
The 3rd edition of the Pisa Biennale with it’s “Watertime” research theme receives the Medal of the Presidency of the Italian Republic
Dallara Academy and The Gardens of Gabriel are 1st Prize Winners in the “Facades” category
8ème ART wins the award in the “Directional building” category
1st Prize, category “Renovation – Future” for The Corner and Dallara Academy is shortlisted in the category “Culture – Completed”
Shortlisted in the category “Cultural buildings” with two projects: the Dallara Academy and the M. Beghi Civic Library
1st Prize with the new BNL-BNP Paribas Headquarters in Rome (tertiary-offices category)
at the European Prize for Architecture “Philippe Rotthier” – theme “water, architecture and the city” – with the Marseilles Docks project
winners of the prize for the “Best Future Project” with the Dallara Motorsport Academy in Parma, Italy
winners of the “Best of Best” Awards with the Marseilles Docks and the new headquarters of BNL-BNP Paribas in Rome
Les Docks of Marseilles and the New BNL-BNP Paribas Headquarters in Rome,
The Gardens of Gabriel finalist in the “Best residential project” category
1st Prize with the new BNL-BNP Paribas Headquarters in Rome (Workspace category)
LIGNIUS Architecture Made in Italy Awards
1st Prize for the “New wood building” and 1st Prize for the “Social Housing” with the project of “Contract Lombardy region district 2” in Brescia and Special Mention with the project of the new School Complex in Zugliano (Vicenza)
winners of the prize for the “Best Global Project” with the Marseilles Docks and winners of the prize for the «best Surface Product» for the Ceramic Diamante
winners of the prize for the “Best Retail Urban Project” with the Marseilles Docks
with the Marseilles Docks
winners of the prize for the “Commercial Building of the Year” with the Marseilles Docks
MIPIM Awards
1st Prize for the “Best shipping centre” with the Marseilles Docks
winners of the Residential – Low Rise Project Award with the project “Il Monte Galala”
1st Prize, category “Renovation” for the Marseilles Docks and 1st Prize category “Office / Business” for the new headquarters BNL-BNP Paribas Rome

3 winning projects: the Marseilles Docks, the IULM6 University in Milan, “Life”- new residential district in Brescia.
1st Prize Winners in the category “Facades”
Winning project category “Commercial – Hospitality”: the Marseilles Docks
at “The Plan International Awards 2015”, with IULM6 University in Milan (category “Educational buildings”) and New Italian Space Agency in Rome (category “Directional Buildings”)
at “LA CERAMICA E IL PROGETTO” 2015 with the IULM 6 project in the “institutional-urban design” category
at “AIT international Awards, Frankfurt 2014”, Germany with the project of IULM Knowledge Transfer Centre in Milan

“Le Officine: former Metalmetron area” in Savona, project in third place
for OGR the Great Railways Workshop of Turin project as a “remarkable example of re-use of an abandoned industrial building”
special award for the urban renewal project of “Le Officine: former Metalmetron area” in Savona

for the best mixing of urban activities and integrations with the Milanese ice factory and Ice Palace project, Milan

for the best 2011 global project with “Horizontal
Tower”, Rho, Milan
in the International Urban Competition for the design of the new Miami Civic Center, Miami (Florida)
RE awards
Best directional project, New directional buildings for Sviluppo Sistema Fiera, Rho (MI)
for Milanese ice factory, Milan
for Milanese ice factory, Milan

for Milanese ice factory, Milan

Honor Mention for “Production activities and for the public” mentioned project Parfiri Low Emission Building, Vado Ligure (SV)
Milanese ice factory, Milan

The New Cinema Palace of Venice
Financial Police Administration Centre, Albenga (SV)
Bligny former barracks, University Campus and Training Centre, Savona
Visitor Centre and Antiquarium of Aquileia Forum (UD)
honor conferred by the Italian Ministry of Culture
Bligny former barracks, University Campus and Training Centre, Savona
special mention
young architects section: mention

Leone d’argento per il Nuovo Palazzo del Cinema di Venezia


  • Participation in the talk “Calabria in the creative horizons: experiences between architecture, art and design, culture” presenting the experience of La Biennale dello Stretto
  • Lectio magistralis entitled “Architecture in another way” at the University Federico II of Naples
  • Conference at the International Architectural Roundtable, in Toronto
  • Guest speaker of the SHARE X, conference for advanced architecture, shared the project of the Justice Park in Bari, starting with the design line that guides Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia
  • Conference at The Prince Sultan University about the cultural identity of each place, the actualization of local historical models, the value of design contamination, sustainability understood as an inclusive dimension of social, urban, economic, and energetic
  • Conference at UBT University of Business and Technology with a speech entitled “Architecture as an act of dialogue and cultural identity through generosity”: Mediterranean architecture as a unifying key and element of design contamination for a sustainable future
  • Lectio magistralis entitled “Architecture in Another Way” inside the Pavilion of the Republic of San Marino, in the context of the Venice Architecture Biennale
  • Lecture entitled “The right to matter” with focus on the use of ceramic in architecture in the edition of the Pisa Architecture Biennial
  • Conference “Architecture between dream and reality,” organized by the Cremona Order of PPC Architects
  • Lecture on Architecture and Generosity In the context of the CA23 Architecture Festival Campania Architecture Plural Territories to be held in Paris
  • Participation as a speaker in “Save Energy” to be held in Trieste as part of the European Mobility Week event. The title of the lecture “The contemporary vision of urban space: the Trieste linear park project.”
  • Lecture on “Intensity vs Density: Rights and Duties for contemporary living” in the Cityscape23 event | Ancona Upside Down
  • Lecture entitled “The Mediterranean as a Sacred Place” on the occasion of the SEED conference in Assisi
  • Participation in the International Architecture Forum organized within the second edition of SHARE Pristina 2023 to discuss about “Good living & working architecture”
  • Intervention at the Public Conference in Riyadh about architecture and generosity, the experiences of the Atelier(s) and his thoughts regarding cities and territories
  • Lectio magistralis entitled “The City as a Cure” at the CNETO 2023 National Congress: “The Future Challenges of Healthcare 4.0.
    The New Community Homes and Hospitals and Integrated Systems for Healthcare.”
  • Participation in the talk “Dialogue between architects”, organized within the Courmayeur Design Weekend 2023 event
  • Lecture entitled “The Three Water Lines” as part of the seminar, organized by Ance Siracusa and the University of Catania – Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture “A Dialogue between Water Lines and Cities – Waterfont Elorina.”


  • Participation in one of the talks on the themes Climate change and heritage together with Desirée Maida, art historian, curator and editor of Artribune, the Green Line event organized by the Museo Novecento in Florence
  • Participation in the second meeting of “Conoscere la Città” organized by the Order of PPC Architects of Milan, where he will be discussing the “Living in the Blue” residential project signed Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia
  • Participation in the seminar “Designing and building with water”, which will take place within the ARCHITECT@WORK Milan
  • Lecture and talk at the exhibition dedicated to the work of Alfonso Femia / Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia (Museo del Novecento in Florence)
  • Conference “Mirabilia: Rethinking Tourism in the Age of Crisis” within the panel “A New Unesco Grand Tour from Italy to Europe: the New Frontiers of Tourism and Smart Working” with the project of La Biennale dello Stretto
  • Conference “Scuola Domani” organized by the Order of Architects PPC of Genoa in collaboration with USR-Regional School Office Liguria and sponsored by the Regional Federation of Architects PPC Liguria, to establish forms of collaboration and mutual involvement in innovative school projects
  • Participation as a speaker with “Scuola Social Impact. Methodology and design” in the talk “Architecture, Care, Well-being, Inclusiveness” to be held within the Rigenera Festival event in Reggio Emilia
  • Intervention in the event dedicated to “The New Schools” in which he will be speaking about “L’Aquila from historic city to city territory. The urban and landscape regeneration project C.A.S.E. 3.0”
  • Participation in the international seminar CLIMATE CHANGE AND URBAN SPACES. H2O MULTILEVEL RIVERS in the Department of Planning Design Technology of Architecture at Sapienza University in Rome
  • A dialogue on art and architecture as part of the exhibition “Alfonso Femia. Architecture and Generosity” at the Museo Novecento Firenze
  • Participation as Speaker of a Plenary Presentation, in the context of the ‘Memory and Innovation’ days organized by the DAD Architecture and Design department of the University of Genoa
  • Intervention to present “Insiemi” the new podcast which gives voice to Milan’s different neighborhoods
  • ASSIL conference “Facciamo Luce sul PNRR – Risorse e opportunità per il mercato nazionale dell’illuminazione” (Milan)
  • Round table “Le città medie italiane”, organized within the Green Week Festival which will be taking place in Parma
  • Lecture within the webtalk series “Design e prestazioni” organized by The Plan in collaboration with Knauf
  • Lecture entitled “Come perdere il Nord”, conference “I punti cardinali nell’immaginario europeo” organized by the Accademia Toscana di Scienze e Lettere “La Colombaria”
  • Invisible Mediterranean(s) conference and the proposal for the “Biennale dello Stretto” hosted by the Honorable Vittorio Sgarbi and Minister Garavaglia, Chamber of Deputies (Rome)
  • Conference “PINQuA – Qualità dell’Abitare”, Maxxi (Rome)
  • Lecture “Roots vs. Nomadism”, within the event on the theme “Architecture and (neo) Nomadism” organized by the Municipality and the Order of Architects of Pistoia
  • The Plan Perspective Virtual “Creating Experiences”


  • “Seeking balance between human beings, nature and the city”, architecture seminars organized by The Plan
  • Conference “Transizione Ecologica Solidale”, The Place To Build – Made Expo
  • Webinar “Multitasking ceramics” organized by Bio-Materials
  • Lecture at “Designing the ecological transition” event in Livorno
  • Lecture on the theme “Scuola Social Impact” in the series of video conferences “Training spaces for the existing project” organized by the Department of Architecture of the University of Naples Federico II
  • “La Bonne Ville” book presentation, in the context of Villard 23, organized in collaboration with the University of Sassari
  • “Tempodacqua”, Alfonso Femia returns to Pisa for the IV edition of the Architecture Biennale
  • “Artifice and Nature” organized by Green Table
  • “Tradition and innovation” and “The Art of Transformation” panels, Perspective 2021, event organized by the Plan
  • Lectio within “From ideas to things: designing in the sign of difference”, Palazzo Arese Borromeo in Cesano Maderno
  • “The challenge of sustainability between architecture, design and management”, an event organized by Saib
  • Open letter initiative on quality urban regeneration, press conference for the presentation of MDFF
  • “Responsibility and Generosity, intervening on the territory today”, “Festival of sustainability, circular economy and business ethics – Radici Future
  • Scali Urbani 2021 with “Tempodacqua”, spin-off of the event held during the Venice Biennale
  • Round table “Small Talks Reloaded – Traveling like studying”, CERSAIE event in Bologna
  • “Right to matter”, “Prefabrication and constructions in wood” event, second appointment in the cycle of events organized by FederlegnoArredo in collaboration with Federlegno Arredo Eventi and The Plan
  • “Masterplan, A Vision for Turin”  organized by NEXTO
  • Webinar “Lighting in production sites” organized by AIDI Italian Lighting Association
  • “Compact Luxury” Talk organized by Interni during the Milan Design Week at the State University of Milan
  • “A new idea of residence” round table organized by Trivioquadrivio in collaboration with Starching
  • Round table “Architecture for cities. Projects and good practices for the regeneration of our cities”, Carlo Pucci Prize award ceremony
  • Round table “The sustainable vision”, VID Venice Innovation Design event
  • Lecture “Social Impact School”, University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”
  • Tempodacqua, Italian Pavilion – Venice Architecture Biennale
  • Press conference “Mediterranean Cultural Gate”
  • “La Città Buona”, Street Book Palmi 2021
  • Icona International Conference on Architecture, “Canon and Code. The language of arts in today’s world”
  • Made Expo – The Place to Build preview, speaker in “Companies and designers meet to analyze the relationship between construction and the transition to sustainability”
  • Casa Platform Venezia 2021, new Vimar logistics pole project presentation
  • National conference “Per una nuova casa italiana” organized by the University of Pisa
  • De-Sign Environment Landscape City, presentation of “La Città Buona” and the Scuola Social Impact research, Italian Pavilion – Venice Architecture Biennale
  • Round table “The city to be built” , Scenari Immobiliari conference “A new Milan”, Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Milan
  • Webinar “Design competitions” promoted by the Marche Region and the Order of Architects of Ancona
  • Presentation of the book “La Città Buona”, event organized by the Umbrian Foundation for Architecture in collaboration with the PPC Order of Architects of Perugia
  • “Social Impact School”, Dedalo Minosse Talk
  • Lecture “L’abitare come rel-azione tra intimità, comunità e città“ to the Architectural and Urban Composition class, University of Urbino
  • Conference “Water, the limit between two worlds” within the cycle of seminars “The resilient city”
  • Lecture “A welcoming city” in the Hospitality Digital Space event dedicated to Ho.Re.Ca
  • Lecture on the experience and projects of Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, IED Cagliari
  • Seminar within “Café della Stampa”


  • “Building Living Thinking” Cersaie 2020
  • School Social Impact, lecture at Politecnico di Torino
  • Seminar “Remote dialogues, suspended between the Apennines and the Mediterranean, nature and design”
  • “Negativi Urbani”
  • 19th AIDI National Congress – light between culture and innovation in the digital era
  • “Social Impact School”: webinar organized by Fondazione per l’Architettura and the Order of Architects of Turin
  • Capoferri Talks. “A window on the world”
  • “RACCONTI” – Responsibility and Generosity of the architectural project
  • Italian Design Day – “Designing the future. Development, innovation, sustainability and beauty”
  • “The beauty of living in an urban forest” – speech : “Equilibrium. The responsibility of the project between nature and artifice”
  • School: responsibility and generosity, cycle of lessons “Landscapes of Knowledge”
  • Tech Breakfast / La città del benessere: Talk, Corriere Innovazione and Spazio Lenovo
  • Architour – Orizzonte Europa – the BNL-BNP Paribas headquarters in Rome
  • “Climate change and community resilience in architecture”, LIVE Controradio Firenze
  • Architecture forum “Perspective”, “Journey to Italy: design experiences in the footsteps of Guido Piovene”
  • Design Week-end, Pietrasanta – presentation book I’m an architect
  • Event KCity, with the patronage of Milan’s City Council, on the occasion of Milano Design City 2020
  • “New office buildings. The Italian Code”, event All Around Work
  • Virtual round table, presentation of the book “Via Vitruvio Sguardi all’orizzonte”
  • Webinar “Scali Urbani”, Order of PPC Architects of Livorno
  • Virtual talk “Rethinking design: focus on schools”
  • Digital talk, Rubner Haus, dialog with Luca Molinari
  • Webinaire Seminari di Architettura, The Plan “ Living, working, moving” – “I am an architect. Architecture and Generosity”
  • Webinar “The new tomorrow – Hospitality – New scenarios, sustainability and innovation”
  • Webinar “Architetture mixed use”, All Around Work
  • Giancarlo De Carlo / Traiettorie ILAUD sull’asse Genova_Barcellona, Faculty of Architecture of Genoa
  • Architetti per il futuro – 24h marathon National Order of the Architects
  • “Transforming the world through architecture”, pre-event SHARE Sofia 2020
  • “Casa Platform Live”, dialog with Simona Finessi and Pierluigi Sgarabotto
  • Talk “INspeech”, dialog with Alfonso Femia and Azzurra Bimbi
  • “Living as a relationship between intimacy and community”, University of Ferrara
  • “Time as a possibility to change”, Archetipi association
  • “Panglossismo. The post-pandemic architect”
  • “Small Talks” by Cersaie
  • Round table, “Living Outdoor/Outdoor Living” event, Faenza
  • Architects meeting “About Italian ceramic” with a lecture on “Right to Matter”
  • Urban Thinkers Campus event – “Urban regeneration, green finance and measurement of sustainable development”, Rome
  • Klimahouse 2020 – “Climate change and living. New challenges for architecture, research and production.”


  • Seminar program : “Architettura e design al centro: creatività, tecnologia, ricerca”, Casa dell’Architettura, Rome
  • “Aspettando FIDEC” event, “Architecture and Feeling” conference – Focus: “Is designing and building a job for young people? I will let you talk to… Young people and professionals redesign the job of the future”, Milan
  • “Designing Happiness. The new sense of the Company” event organized by Future Concept Lab with the support of the City of Sassuolo
  • Calvi Network Meeting – Falci Dronero : From heritage to innovation, Turin
  • “Architecture for Workplaces”, Yacademy, Sassuolo
  • “Luce, serramenti e schermature” event, focus: “The light project in building recovery interventions”, WEGIL, Rome
  • “Right to Matter : Architecture and Feeling”, Fall 2019 Lecture Series organized by Cornell University in Rome
  • “S.P.A.M. Festival – Dreamcity” dedicated to the theme of Cityscapes, Rome
  • UDAW 2019 – “Architecture and Feeling” & “Right to Matter”, Architecture and design week, Tashkent (Uzbekistan)
  • E2 Forum Lab – “Vertical horizons. Europe and Asia between valorization, regeneration and innovation”, Milan. Organized by Messe Frankfurt Italia
  • Pisa Architecture Biennale – III edition – WATERTIME Director
  • Rebuild – “Infrastructural tourism and collective dimenzion for the cities’ future”, Como
  • 6th edition of the “Festa dell’Architettura” event, Cesenatico. Organized by the Order of Architects P.P.C. of Forlì-Cesena – Focus: regeneration of public spaces in order to analyze issues related to seaside-touristic cities
  • La Ceramica e il progetto, Salerno
  • “MIX 2019. Strategies for the city of the future” : “The chronotopic city: vision and responsibility” – Camera di Commercio, Pisa
  • Real Estate Design Forum : “Light as Matter”, Shenzhen (China)
  • “Architettura e design al centro: creatività, tecnologia, ricerca”, conference “Architecture and Feeling” – architecture seminar program organized by The Plan
  • “Light as Matter”, Politecnico di Milano
  • “Architecture tells the identity of places”, Order of Architects of Ravenna
  • “Architecture and Feeling. Generosity and Responsibility”, Faculty of Architecture of Ferrara
  • “Edilizia sociale e pgt. Il ruolo della cooperazione di abitanti”, organized by CCL Consorzio Cooperative Lavoratori and Delta Ecopolis, Milan
  • Share Bucharest 2019, focus on “Architecture and Facades”, Bucharest (Romania)
  • “DDN Phutura”, series of conferences “China & Italy : nostalgia for classics and a look to the future”, Milan
  • Icon Design Talks, “Architecture and Feeling”, Milan
  • Delta Archi Talks, “Light as matter”, Milan
  • “Mediterraneo Downtown 2019”, round table: “Urban Mediterranean – the multiple identities of the Mediterranean cities between urban regeneration and new global challenges”, Prato
  • Architecture seminar program by The Plan : “Architettura e design al centro – creatività, tecnologia, ricerca”, Rimini
  • “Smart City”, Italian Embassy in Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • “Redesigning cities”, Italian Embassy, Paris
  • Community, sharing, technology and the revolution of spaces”, Milan Digital Week
  • Racconti d’architettura, conference “Time as matter of the project”, Bergamo
  • Seminar “Sentimental Geography. Architecture as time and feeling”, Polytechnic of Turin
  • Lecture “Architecture and feelings”, Laboratory of Architectural and Landscape Creation, Università di Napoli Federico II
  • Klimahouse 2019, “Sustainable Design”, ISOL-ACTION conference cycle, Bolzano Fair


  • Conference for “MEFI – Le stadium, Rudy Ricciotti”, Les Docks Village, Marseilles (France)
  • Presentation of IQD Magazine’s 2019 editorial program, IQD Editorial Advisor, Triennale di Milano
  • “Architecture of industrial places. Spaces of work, production, research and education”, presenting the Dallara Academy project at the headquarters of the Council of the Order of Parma
  • “The future smart city: its indoor and outdoor landscape” organized by Viva Consulting, speech on architecture as rhythm and sequence
  • INTERNI “Project and Destiny: Reflections on design and architecture in Italy”, conference “Architecture and emotions”, London (UK)
  • “Foresee together the future of our country. The Lazio region meets the Calabria region. Laws, regulations, procedures, social and living opportunities.”, Casa dell’Architettura, Rome
  • “#ilovemilano: the protagonists of architecture talk about the metropolitan city”, organized by Platform, Milan
  • “Mediterranei Invisibili” – “Il Bianco Mediterraneo, Cutrofiano
  • “Process of planning and logistics for wood construction works at a great scale”, series of technical seminars Promo_legno, Milan
  • “Value of the project: Design, creativity and innovation” – seminars organized by The Plan, lecture “Invisible Mediterranean(s): architecture in a fluid world”, Trento
  • Round table “Archi Talk. Visions, Projects, Meetings”, focus “The City of the Future. Living, Territory, Tourism”, Senigallia Foro Annonario
  • International convention dedicated to Architecture and Education, MAXXI, Rome
  • “Towards a law for architecture”, MAXXI, Rome
  • Marseille School of Architecture (jury)
  • “Who is owning public spaces?”, introduction to the Biennale of Rabat (Morocco), Paris
  • “Smart working’s new horizons”, inauguration of ClubHouse Barberini
  • “Invisible Mediterranean(s): Architecture in a fluid world”, Taurianova
  • “Realismo immaginario: viaggio nello Stretto”, Messina
  • “Valore al progetto: Design, creatività e innovazione” organized by The Plan, lecture “Invisible Mediterranean(s): architecture in a fluid world”, Como
  • IQD “Dialoghi sull’Architettura”, Carrara
  • “Living with Sky, Water and Mountain: Making Places in Yilan”, Biennale di Architettura, Venice
  • “Mediterranei Invisibili” presenting the IQD50 special edition, Hotel Baglioni Luna in Venice
  • Re+Build “Architects in the new construction industry”, Riva del Garda
  • International architecture forum “Perspective Europe”, Lido Venezia
  • “Water as journey. Green is good. Blue is better.” with a focus on “Watermarks – architecture in a fluid world”, RSAW spring School, Portmeirion (UK)
  • “Interior space lighting: design, material and technology”, Genoa
  • “Imaginary Realism”, Biblioteca Laudense, Lodi
  • “Mediterranei Invisibili” presentation, Laboratorio di cultura fotografica / Il Forno di Città della Pieve
  • “Mediterranei Invisibili: diritto e dovere al dialogo”, Università degli Studi di Ferrara
  • “La Facciata Ventilata”, speech “Ragione e sentimento. Dimensione collettiva e intima dell’architettura”, Preganziol (TV)
  • “The hotel of the future”, within the space&interiors event “The future of living and The planet of the future”, Milan
  • Lecture “The chronotopic city”, Faculty of Architecture, Università degli Studi G. D’Annunzio di Pescara
  • “Building 4.0: The house as a machine for living”, Politecnico di Bari
  • “Light+Building”, Frankfurt
  • “Architecture*Light*Space”, Warsaw
  • Lecture “The slow time of matter” at the FRI Fondazione Fashion Research Italy, Bologna


  • “Recladding – Ridisegnare l’architettura”, The Plan, Verano Brianza (MB)
  • “Technological innovation at the service of integrated design. Balance between shape and function”, Milan
  • Master NIB New Italian Blood, Scuola di Architettura, Salerno
  • “I pensieri dell’architettura”, Musei civici di Pesaro
  • “Co-Building 2017. La rete e le filiere: potenziali risorse e ricchezze comuni”, Modena
  • “Neapolis. Living as a student”, Naples (jury)
  • “DialogaRE. Real Estate e progettisti a confronto”, The Plan, Milan
  • “Architects meet in Selinunte 2017”, Parco Archeologico di Selinunte – Trapani
  • Milano Arch Week_12-18 giugno 2017, La Triennale (Agorà Giardino) – Milan
  • Lezione “Sconfinamenti Geografici”, Facoltà di Architettura, Università di Genova
  • “Sconfinamenti Geografici”, The Plan, Bolzano
  • Edilportale Tour 2017, Turin
  • Social Housing di Brescia-5+1AA, Rome
  • “Tomorrow City”, PugliArch 2017 – Bari
  • “Il ruolo del progettista nel mercato digitale dell’ambiente costruito. Innovazione tecnologica e moderazione informativa per l’efficienza dei processi”, Università di Napoli Federico II – Naples
  • “Sconfinamenti Geografici”, Arsenali Repubblicani di Pisa
  • “La Città torna a nuova vita”, Piacenza
  • Fondazione Promozione Acciaio_ workshop MADE Expo, Milan
  • Archmarathon selection Made, Milan


  • Convegno di Architettura, Università di Genova
  • “Dialoghi di Architettura”, Reggio Calabria
  • “Architettura e Rivoluzione – La costruzione del Cittadino”, Reggio Calabria
  • “L’origine dell’idea e tutti i concetti alla base della progettazione”, IULM6 – Milan
  • “Riqualificazione di realtà portuali”, Genoa
  • “Architettura e Genealogia”, Università di Pisa
  • “La Rivoluzione dell’Ombra. Per un nuovo Rinascimento”, The Plan, Reggio Emilia
  • “La Modernità di Giuseppe Terragni”, Acquario Romano, Rome
  • “Perspective 2016”, Biennale di Architettura, Venice


  • “20×20 città”, Rome
  • “Perspective 2015”, Milan
  • “Maggio dell’architettura”, Naples
  • Convegno di Architettura, Gorizia
  • Convegno di Architettura, Selinunte
  • “Architecture Berlin”, Berlin, Germany
  • “The Plan”, Pescara
  • TEDx, Rome
  • Convegno di Architettura, Camerino
  • “Conference”, Cairo, Egypt
  • “Archmarathon”, Beirut
  • “Pigna”, Beirut
  • Convegno di Architettura, Piacenza
  • Convegno di Architettura, Alcamo
  • Convegno di Architettura, Turin


  • Urbanpromo, Triennale di Milano
  • “Abitare tra intimità e collettività”, Alghero
  • “La città che cresce sull’Alta Velocità”, Triennale di Milano
  • “WCC-Wine Culture Centre”, Cantina Valpolicella Negrar, Verona
  • “Noi apparteniamo. Bellezza e Rivoluzione”, Mi/ Arch 2014, Politecnico di Milano
  • “Idealismo magico: il progetto come strumento di dialogo”, Stabilimento INDEN, Lecce
  • “Architettura di qualità nel contesto urbanistico e paesaggistico ligure”, Circolo Culturale Pontorno, Spotorno
  • “Involucro Edilizio”, Centro Congressi Torino
  • “”On the road Expo”, Expo Synergy, Milan
  • “1:1 Berliner Architekturdialoge”,BDA Galerie, Berlin
  • Perspective 2014, Hotel Excelsior, Venice Lido


  • “Turn our gaze. The realtionship between territory, city and architecture” – CUHK University, Hong Kong
  • “Turn our gaze. The realtionship between territory, city and architecture” – Tonjii University, Shanghai
  • “ReUse Monserrato” – Monserrato (CA)
  • “Ecobuild 2013” – London
  • “Scenari del Mediterraneo” Exposinergy, Milan
  • Meeting Immobiliare,“Abitare il presente”, Expo, Brescia
  • Conference “16ème Batimatec”, “Qualité de la ville, Qualité de la vie”, Algeri
  • “Stasera si recita a soggetto” – SMART&GREEN Natural Design Thinking, Milan
  • Lezione “Architettura come Immersione”, Facoltà di Ingengneria, Università di Napoli
  • “L’architettura si libera con l’acciaio”, Milan
  • Lectio Magistralis – New Italian Blood , “La magia del reale” – Salerno
  • “Ripartire dall’Italia – UAINOT?” – Hotel Excelsior, Venice Lido
  • Domus Academy – Milan
  • “Social Housing 2.0 Nextbuilding – Abitare sociale e naturale”, Fiera di Milano
  • “Venezia e l’architettura moderna”, Ateneo Veneto, Venice Lido
  • Convegno Viessmann, Turin
  • “Perspective 2013, Your Global Newtorking” – the Plan, Venice Lido
  • “New Italian Blood” – Arctec, Salerno
  • “L’architettura che verrà” – Selinunte
  • Carrara Marble Weeks “Noi apparteniamo”, Carrara


  • “Manifestazione Architettando: Riconversione e della Transitorietà”, Cittadella (Padova)
  • “Perspective 2012, Your Global Newtorking” – the Plan, Venice
  • Materia-Luce-Colore, “futuro cromatico”, Vicenza
  • Convegno “Viessmann”, Collegno (Turin)
  • “Roma Metropoli – 6 conversazioni di architettura contemporanea”, presentazione della Nuova Sede dell’Agenzia Spaziale, Museo MAXXI,Rome
  • Linguaggi della contemporaneità: Forma e spazio nel confronto con la materia, Perugia
  • “Architettura cosciente architettura appropriata”, Università di Ferrara
  • Workshop-Colore: approccio progettuale, sensibilità e metodo, Piacenza
  • Conference Presse “Les Docks de Marseille”, Marseilles
  • Lecture progetti 5+1AA, Domus Academy, Milan
  • La gestione del progetto: il nuovo palazzo del cinema di Venezia, IUAV, Venice
  • Workshop Architettura in Movimento, Milan


  • Confindustria Palermo, Palermo
  • Workshop di Elementi, Milan
  • Rassegna sul social Housing, Castelfranco Veneto, Treviso
  • Global Award “The Plan”, Cremona
  • Tavola rotonda “La luce e l’architetto: proposte di metodo”, Milano
  • Prospettive d’Achitettura: Architettura pubblica, Ancona
  • Global Award for Sustainable Architecture, Cremona
  • Expo ESCALES Casablanca «Quatre agences d’Architecture en Mediterranée», Casablanca, Morocco
  • Work Style Talking: Identity-Architecture-Organization, Milan


  • Workshop apertura Biennale ALPS, edizione 2010/2011, Università di Trento
  • 5+1AA – Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi, AGAV – Associazione Giovani Architetti, Verona
  • 8° laboratorio internazionale di architettura, Università degli studi mediterranea di Reggio Calabria
  • Architettura cosciente – Architettura appropriata, Scuola Grande S. Giovanni Evangelista, Venice
  • Convegno I Lavori Pubblici, Abitare – Image, Modena
  • Lezione «Fill in the City», DOMUS Academy, Milan
  • Festival delle Città Impresa, Vittorio Veneto
  • Ibridazione di linguaggi occidentali ed orientali nell’architettura contemporanea, Fiera di Milano, Spazio Chorus di Gewiss
  • Architettura e Trasparenza, Showroom SEVES, Milan
  • Gli Spazi del Lavoro, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin
  • MADE 2010, Milan
  • Désirama, Casa dell’architettura, Rome
  • Camminare Roma, Urban Center, Milan


  • Camminare Roma Facoltà di Architettura, Rome
  • Trenta idee per il monumento ai caduti italiani nelle missioni di pace, Camera dei Deputati, Rome
  • abitare l’emergenza-l’emergenza dell’abitare, Facoltà di Arch. Di Alghero
  • L’edilizia di Qualità, Albano Terme (PD)
  •, Galleria Massimo Minini, Brescia
  • Kent State Forum on the City: Genoa, KSU, Florence
  • La montagna nell’acqua, Marmi Faedo, Cornedo Vicentino (VI)
  • I fratelli del Far West, EASA2009, Darfo Boario Terme (BS)
  • Workshop! GausaPeluffo, Magazzini del Cotone, Genoa
  • Ordine degli architetti di Bolzano
  • Giardini di Lambrate, fiera Expo Real Estate, Milan
  • Ordine architetti Trento
  • Direzioni Sviluppo Sistema Fiera, Expo Italia Real Estate 2009, Milan
  • La qualità architettonica un obiettivo comune, ANCE, Lecco
  • Forum sul Pensiero a Colori – Pensare ad un futuro cromatico in architettura, Catania
  • Milano, la riqualificazione delle aree degradate. Auditorium S. Fedele, Milan
  • You can be young and an architect, Facoltà di Architettura, Ferrara
  • FMGxtreme_Lab, Spazio FMG, Milano
  • Dreaming Milano – progetti, sogni e visioni per una metropoli che cambia, ex Fondazione Mazzotta, Milan
  • Workshop Ballarò, Palermo
  • Obiettivo: la qualità architettonica, Lecco
  • Trasformazioni urbane, sociali ed economiche grandi città, Politecnico, Milan
  • Forum del Penisiero a Colori, Catania
  • Edilportale Marketing Awards, MADE 2009, Milano (giurati | jurymen)
  • Realismo magico e pragmatismo visionario, Facoltà di Ingegneria, Padova
  • Ordine degli Architetti di Padova, Centro Culturale Altinate, Padova
  • Direzioni Sviluppo Sistema Fiera, Urban Center, Milan
  • Bologna: nuova stazione, città, architettura, Auditorium Enzo Biagi, Padova


  • Jeune Création Architecturale Européénne et la Societé durable, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Strasbourg
  • 5+1AA architectures: il silenzio del sottomarino, XVI° Salone Mediterraneo dell’Edilizia – Giardini di Naxos (ME)
  • Premio “Alluminio/Innovazione”, tavola rotonda, Politecnico, Milan
  • Concrete Reborn, Columbia University – New York
  • 500 e una notte – Architettura in festa, Villa Palladiana a Caldono (VI)
  • Architetture delle città – Constructa, Milano
  • ge/ts low coast – 5+1AA urbanistica sentimentale e realismo magico, Facoltà di Architettura, Trieste
  • Reggia e Città, Reggia di Venaria Reale (TO)
  • Festarch 2008, Facoltà di Architettura, Alghero (SS)
  • Med’immo, Hall 1 Parc Chanot, Marseilles
  • Premio Under 40. Milano (giurati | jurymen)
  • X faf+ – La mia città contemporanea, Facoltà di Architettura, Ferrara
  • Realismo magico, Lezigno, Beziers
  • Assobeton, Grand Hotel Dino, Baveno
  • Level 4, Pontedera (PI)
  • Architetti della nuova generazione – Swiss vs Italy, Convento di San Francesco, Pordenone
  • Come vedo il mondo, Oriago di Mira (VE)
  • Città e paesaggio: progettare e costruire ecosostenibile, Krasnodar (Russia)
  • realisme magique, Ecole nationale superieure d’architecture, Marseilles
  • recent works, Domus Academy, Milan
  • architetture e urbanità del paesaggio post-industriale, Teatro Da Ponte, Serravalle (GE)
  • futuro cromatico, Forum 8, Naples
  • realismo magico – territorio, città, architettura: un dialogo da ricostruire, Biblioteca Don Milani, Pianoro (BO)
  • il palinsesto urbano: stratificazioni e cesure, NaturaleArtificiale, Facoltà di Architettura, Bergamo
  • territorio, città ed architettura, Kent State University, Florence
  • cose comuni e straordinarie, Politecnico, Bari
  • pre_visioni 5 immagini per l’area dell’ex stazione di Albisola Superiore (SV)
  • Museo della Ceramica, Albisola Superiore (SV)
  • Santa Cesarea Terme (LE)
  • NABAR, Milan
  • P74, Piacenza
  • teatro cittadino di Verbania, Villa Giulia


  • edilportale marketing awards, MADE 2008, Milano (giurati | jurymen)
  • prendetevi cura di voi, Scale Unite D’Europa – IUAV, Venice
  • Il valore della materia, I colori del calcestruzzo, Palazzo dei Congressi, Padova
  • Water Fronts, Giornata degli Architetti, Split
  • Innovare con l’alluminio, Politecnico, Milan
  • Practising the reality, Trade Show Light Expo 2007, Warszawa
  • La stazione che cambia nella città che cambia, Festival Artelibro, Padova
  • Trame, IUAV, Venice
  • Concertazione e accompagnamento ai progetti di trasformazione, Urban Center Metropolitano, Turin
  • Cosengeles-piccole metropoli crescono, Palazzo Marsico-Lattarico, Cosenza
  • Le seuil des villes – Franges urbaines et urbanité, Lézigno, Béziers
  • Realismo magico e pragmatismo visionario, Facoltà di Architettura, Siracusa
  • Mestre Ovest – la tangenziale come opportunità di trasformazione, Mestre (VE)
  • Realismo magico e pragmatismo visionario, Facoltà di Ingegneria, Genoa
  • Realismo magico e pragmatismo visionario, Politecnico, Turin
  • Realismo magico e pragmatismo visionario, Politecnico, Milan
  • Eden Anatomies, RAAS Gallery, Milan
  • 5+1AA. Il mondo mimetico-realistico, Cottbus, Allemagne
  • incontro con 5+1AA, Politecnico di Torino, Facoltà di Architettura, Turin
  • il restauro di un paesaggio: La Venaria Reale, Salone del Restauro, Ferrara
  • realismo magico, Universidade la Moderna, Lisboa
  • architettura a due dimensioni, convegno Conpaviper, Build Up expo, Milan
  • realismo magico, Architetti non stop, Build Up expo, Milan
  • lungoilmare, Facoltà di Architettura, Genoa


  • Architettura italiana: i nuovi protagonisti, Rimini
  • Laboratorio Italia: I diversi linguaggi dell’architettura, Salone d’Onore, Triennale, Milan
  • Architettura, città, design: la nuova energia viene dalle scuole, LAB project, Rome
  • L’Italia si trasforma-Città in competizione, SAIE 2006, Padova
  • Il progetto come metamorfosi del reale, Palazzo Doria Tursi, Genoa
  • Ingegneri e architetti nel progetto della città futura, teatro Piccolo Arsenale, Venice
  • Le Isole del Tesoro, Campus territoriale per la cultura contemporanea in Toscana, workshop itinerante
  • Il ruolo del progetto Urbano nella riqualificazione della città contemporanea, Facoltà di Architettura, Genoa
  • Architettura contemporanea e competitività del territorio, Palazzo Brancaccio, Rome
  • HiCat OpOp-HiperCatalunya Optimismo Operativo, Manuel Gausa-Actar arquitectura, Facoltà di Architettura, Genoa
  • Architetture Lucca, Strategie per il recupero urbano: i grandi contenitori, Lucques
  • Con-testi, seminario Lca2+, Facoltà di Architettura, Ferrara
  • Narrazione e Progetto, Facoltà di Architettura, Genoa


  • Esplorazioni di architettura contemporanea, Villaggio Monte degli Ulivi, Istituto Valdese, Riesi
  • 5+1. Realismo magico e pragmatismo visionario, Politecnico, Milan
  • 5+1. Realismo magico e pragmatismo visionario, Facoltà di Architettura Civile, Milan
  • Il Nuovo Palazzo del Cinema seminario, Centro Culturale Candiani, Venice
  • 5+1. Tra territorio e città, Crossing projects & landscapes, ‘dalla piana all’ altopiano-da Sibari alla Sila’,
  • Acri Summer School, Acri (CS)
  • Il recupero dell’antico e del moderno, MaSP, Lucques
  • Il progetto del vuoto. Tra re-azione al contesto e deformazione del reale, IUAV, Venice
  • 5+1. Il progetto degli spazi urbani, Politecnico, Milan
  • 5+1. Alla ricerca di un realismo magico, Workshop AmbienteNatura Architettura, Santo Stefano Quisquina, Agrigento
  • 5+1, Workshop EXPA Palermo, Palermo


  • La Tangenziale – Il caso della sopraelevata di San Lorenzo, Accademia Nazionale di San Luca, Rome
  • NMI 8 architetture parallele, IUAV, Crema
  • Le città e il mare, Facoltà di Architettura, Naples
  • Flessibile e durevole, Facoltà di Architettura di Firenze
  • Spazi pubblici tra città e architettura, MASP, Lucques
  • BlueBanana: Abitare, Università di Chieti, Pescara
  • Un architettura di qualità: under40, Salerno
  • Conferenze di architettura. 5+1, Centro Congressi, Varese
  • Immagini dell’architettura contemporanea, Politecnico, Milan


  • I progetti di architettura di 5+1 associati, Zo Centro Culture Contemporanee, Catania
  • Atelier Project Urbain n. 28, Genoa
  • 5+1, Ordine degli Architetti di Potenza
  • Metamorfosi dello spazio pubblico contemporaneo
  • Triennale di Milano, 20° esposizione internazionale
  • Infrastrutture e paesaggio, Fondazione Labo, Genoa
  • Utopie topografiche per lo sviluppo di Milazzo, Palladiana di Milazzo (ME)
  • Co.Re. Nuove relazioni fra paesaggio e città, Cosenza
  • Lo spazio pubblico nel progetto urbano. Esperienze e tendenze, IUAV, Venice
  • Il progetto dello spazio pubblico, MaSP, Lucques
  • Post-Laurea, Tutor 11° Modulo


  • Segni, progetti, architetture per i nuovi paesaggi, Sibari, Cosenza
  • Le città di Sibari, prove di sviluppo, Calabria, Sibari, Cosenza
  • 5+1, Master in Pianificazione, conservazione e gestione dei centri minori e dei sistemi paesistico-ambientali, Centro Studi, Orvieto (TR)


  • 5+1, arte e architettura: spazi pubblici, Serravalle Scrivia (GE)
  • 5+1. Progetti e wconcorsi, Facoltà di Ingegneria e Architettura, Ancona
  • 5+1 Infrastruttura, paesaggio, architettura, Sarzana (SP)
  • 5+1. Lo spazio pubblico, Sanremo (IM)
  • 5+1. Progetti e concorsi, Politecnico, Milan
  • 5+1. Progetti e concorsi, Politecnico, Bologna
  • Il concorso di idee in architettura, Padova


  • 5+1 Paesaggi Urbani, Politecnico, Turin


  • Deformazione del reale: progetti di gruppo dello studio 5+1, Politecnico, Turin
  • Infrastructure et paysage: le territoire “trans-active”, Ecole Mediterranéenne des Jardins et du Paysage, Grasse
  • 5+1 associati: spiagge urbane e spazi pubblici, Facoltà di Architettura, Pescara
  • 5+1 associati: progetti in gruppo, Facoltà di Architettura, Genoa
  • 5+1 associati: progetti in gruppo, Inarch – Acer, Rome


  • Il sistema dei concorsi in architettura: Italia-Francia a confronto, Genova, Reggio Emilia, Venezia, Turin
Alfonso Femia
founding architect
partner and CEO
Simonetta Cenci
senior partner
deputy Managing Director
Sara Gottardo
associated architect
project director Paris/Brussels Atelier
Liloye Chevallereau
director of research and development,
communication Paris Atelier
Amandine Aubrée
associated architect
project director Paris Atelier
Alessandro Bellus*
Milan Atelier director
engineering, architecture
Angela Cavallari*
scuola social impact, restoration
project director
Marco Corazza*
Milan Atelier director
architecture, urban planning
Fabio Marchiori*
Milan Atelier director
engineering, facade systems, cost control
Enrico Martino*
project, design and graphics director
Atelier Genoa
Carola Picasso*
director of urban and strategic projects
Atelier Genoa
Sara Traverso*
director of landscape projects
Atelier Genoa

Stefania Bracco
Luca Bonsignorio
Arianna Dall’Occa
Stefano Delogu
Jessica Emma Manzoni
Alfonso Marotta
Francesca Pirrello
Giacomo Quercia
Francesca Recagno
Mehdi Reddaa
Maria Michela Scala

project managers Atelier(s)
Jean Pierre Abboud
Giulia Brutto
Roxana Calugar
Anne-Zoé De Menilsdot
Fitore Gashi
Federico Gemignani
Luca Parini
Vittoria Paternostro
Chiara Ponti
Francesco Romano
Riccardo Simonetto
Elettra Spiccio
Javier Martinez Tafalla
Carlotta Turrato
Vittorio Valentini
Isabella Volpe

architects Atelier(s)
Sara Massa
project and computer-generated imagery director
Stefano Cioncoloni
Giovanni De Grandi
Enrico Di Palo

computer-generated imagery managers
Genoa Atelier
Lorenza Barabino
Sikkander Basha
Fernando Cannata
Giacomo Ciavattini
Giovanni Ganci
Simone Giglio
Maria Giulia Maniscalco
Gauri Mankeekar
Giorgia Villani
BIM team Atelier(s)

Sara Arnese
Benedetta Buzzurro
Antonino Caputo
Gloria Cilauro
Leonardo Giacalone
Ceren Gun
Federica Lanuara
Gabriele Messina
Sara Moroni
Ali El Moussawi
Andrea Pau
Simone Perilli
Elena Perrone
Mahdi Ben Salem

collaborators Atelier(s)
Gianmatteo Ferlin
communication manager Atelier(s)
Natalee Christine Rojo
communication, web and social media manager Atelier(s)
Roberta De Ciechi
cultural activities and research projects
Margherita Venturi
invitations to tender administrative manager Atelier(s)
Daniela Bergallo
Antonella Muzzi
commercial administration Atelier(s) Genoa-Milan
Francesca Fassio
Paolo Vicini
DG support, management and analysis
Ami Niane
administration Atelier Paris
Jhannyra Duche
Magaly Lopez


* Members of the Advisory Board

Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia srl

Alfonso Femia
Simonetta Cenci

President and CEO:
Alfonso Femia

Partita IVA: 01601780990
C.F. 01601780990
Cap. Soc. Euro 20.000,00 i.v.

Registered Office:
via Interiano 3/11
16124 Genoa

Main Offices:
via Cadolini 32/38, 20137 Milan
55 rue des petites écuries, 75010 Paris

Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia sas

Alfonso Femia
Simonetta Cenci
Sara Gottardo
Amandine Aubrée
Liloye Chevallereau
AF517 srl

Alfonso Femia

Siret : 501 472 112 00017 R.C.S.Paris
Code APE : 742A
Cap. Soc. Euro 60.000,00 i.v.

Registered Office:
55, rue des petites écuries
75010 Paris


to receive our company profile write to: [email protected]

Inside the Whale AF517. Sara Gottardo (1)

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Inside the Whale AF517. Sara Gottardo (2)

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Inside the Whale AF517. Liloye Chevallereau

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Inside the Whale AF517. Anne-Cécile Robat

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Inside the Whale AF517. Marcello Morino

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Inside the Whale AF517. Aude Robert

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Inside the Whale AF517. Simonetta Cenci

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Inside the Whale AF517. Alessandro Bellus

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Inside the Whale AF517. Fabio Marchiori

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Inside the Whale AF517. Arianna Dall’Occa

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Inside the Whale AF517. Gianmatteo Ferlin

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Inside the Whale AF517. Natalee Christine Rojo

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Inside the Whale AF517. Angela Cavallari

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Inside the Whale AF517. Vincenzo Tripodi – Beniamino Cristiano

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Inside the Whale AF517. Vanesa Fernandez

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Inside the Whale AF517. Francesca Zampetti

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I N S I D E  T H E. W H A L E // W E. A R E. T I M E // T H E. A T E L I E R (S) // L A. B O N N E. V I L L E // #realismoimmaginario #theateliersaf #insidethewhaleaf517 #architectureandfeeling #wearetime #ateliersalfonsofemia #thewhale #ilviaggionelviaggio #alfonsofemia #duringthejourney #ateliermilano #ateliergenova #atelierparis  #fellowstraveller  #iamanarchitect #architectureetgenerosité  #generosità #responsabilità #righttomatter #future #team #advisorboardmember with @stefanoanzini
I N S I D E  T H E. W H A L E // W E. A R E. T I M E // T H E. A T E L I E R (S) // L A. B O N N E. V I L L E // #realismoimmaginario #theateliersaf #insidethewhaleaf517 #architectureandfeeling #wearetime #ateliersalfonsofemia #thewhale #ilviaggionelviaggio #alfonsofemia #duringthejourney #ateliermilano #ateliergenova #atelierparis  #fellowstraveller  #iamanarchitect #architectureetgenerosité  #generosità #responsabilità #righttomatter #future #team #advisorboardmember
I N S I D E  T H E. W H A L E // W E. A R E. T I M E // T H E. A T E L I E R (S) // L A. B O N N E. V I L L E // #realismoimmaginario #theateliersaf #insidethewhaleaf517 #architectureandfeeling #wearetime #ateliersalfonsofemia #thewhale #ilviaggionelviaggio #alfonsofemia #duringthejourney #ateliermilano #ateliergenova #atelierparis  #fellowstraveller  #iamanarchitect #architectureetgenerosité  #generosità #responsabilità #righttomatter #future #team #advisorboardmember
I N S I D E  T H E. W H A L E // W E. A R E. T I M E // T H E. A T E L I E R (S) // L A. B O N N E. V I L L E // #realismoimmaginario #theateliersaf #insidethewhaleaf517 #architectureandfeeling #wearetime #ateliersalfonsofemia #thewhale #ilviaggionelviaggio #alfonsofemia #duringthejourney #ateliermilano #ateliergenova #atelierparis  #fellowstraveller  #iamanarchitect #architectureetgenerosité  #generosità #responsabilità #righttomatter #future #team #liloye
I N S I D E  T H E. W H A L E // W E. A R E. T I M E // T H E. A T E L I E R (S) // L A. B O N N E. V I L L E // #realismoimmaginario #theateliersaf #insidethewhaleaf517 #architectureandfeeling #wearetime #ateliersalfonsofemia #thewhale #ilviaggionelviaggio #alfonsofemia #duringthejourney #ateliermilano #ateliergenova #atelierparis  #fellowstraveller  #iamanarchitect #architectureetgenerosité  #generosità #responsabilità #righttomatter #future #team #vincenzo
I N S I D E  T H E. W H A L E // W E. A R E. T I M E // T H E. A T E L I E R (S) // L A. B O N N E. V I L L E // #realismoimmaginario #theateliersaf #insidethewhaleaf517 #architectureandfeeling #wearetime #ateliersalfonsofemia #thewhale #ilviaggionelviaggio #alfonsofemia #duringthejourney #ateliermilano #ateliergenova #atelierparis  #fellowstraveller  #iamanarchitect #architectureetgenerosité  #generosità #responsabilità #righttomatter #future #team #sara
I N S I D E  T H E. W H A L E // W E. A R E. T I M E // T H E. A T E L I E R (S) // L A. B O N N E. V I L L E // #realismoimmaginario #theateliersaf #insidethewhaleaf517 #architectureandfeeling #wearetime #ateliersalfonsofemia #thewhale #ilviaggionelviaggio #alfonsofemia #duringthejourney #ateliermilano #ateliergenova #atelierparis  #fellowstraveller  #iamanarchitect #architectureetgenerosité  #generosità #responsabilità #righttomatter #future #team #marco #alessandro #milan #juve #inter
I N S I D E  T H E. W H A L E // W E. A R E. T I M E // T H E. A T E L I E R (S) // L A. B O N N E. V I L L E // #realismoimmaginario #theateliersaf #insidethewhaleaf517 #architectureandfeeling #wearetime #ateliersalfonsofemia #thewhale #ilviaggionelviaggio #alfonsofemia #duringthejourney #ateliermilano #ateliergenova #atelierparis  #fellowstraveller  #iamanarchitect #architectureetgenerosité  #generosità #responsabilità #righttomatter #future #team #marco #alessandro
I N S I D E  T H E. W H A L E // W E. A R E. T I M E // T H E. A T E L I E R (S) // L A. B O N N E. V I L L E // #realismoimmaginario #theateliersaf #insidethewhaleaf517 #architectureandfeeling #wearetime #ateliersalfonsofemia #thewhale #ilviaggionelviaggio #alfonsofemia #duringthejourney #ateliermilano #ateliergenova #atelierparis  #fellowstraveller  #iamanarchitect #architectureetgenerosité  #generosità #responsabilità #righttomatter #future #team #alessandro
I N S I D E  T H E. W H A L E // W E. A R E. T I M E // T H E. A T E L I E R (S) // L A. B O N N E. V I L L E // #realismoimmaginario #theateliersaf #insidethewhaleaf517 #architectureandfeeling #wearetime #ateliersalfonsofemia #thewhale #ilviaggionelviaggio #alfonsofemia #duringthejourney #ateliermilano #ateliergenova #atelierparis  #fellowstraveller  #iamanarchitect #architectureetgenerosité  #generosità #responsabilità #righttomatter #future #team #giacomo #sara #maxime
I N S I D E  T H E. W H A L E // W E. A R E. T I M E // T H E. A T E L I E R (S) // L A. B O N N E. V I L L E // #realismoimmaginario #theateliersaf #insidethewhaleaf517 #architectureandfeeling #wearetime #ateliersalfonsofemia #thewhale #ilviaggionelviaggio #alfonsofemia #duringthejourney #ateliermilano #ateliergenova #atelierparis  #fellowstraveller  #iamanarchitect #architectureetgenerosité  #generosità #responsabilità #righttomatter #future #team #simonetta
I N S I D E  T H E. W H A L E // W E. A R E. T I M E // T H E. A T E L I E R (S) // L A. B O N N E. V I L L E // #realismoimmaginario #theateliersaf #insidethewhaleaf517 #architectureandfeeling #wearetime #ateliersalfonsofemia #thewhale #ilviaggionelviaggio #alfonsofemia #duringthejourney #ateliermilano #ateliergenova #atelierparis  #fellowstraveller  #iamanarchitect #architectureetgenerosité  #generosità #responsabilità #righttomatter #future #team #giacomo #fabio
I N S I D E  T H E. W H A L E // W E. A R E. T I M E // T H E. A T E L I E R (S) // L A. B O N N E. V I L L E // #realismoimmaginario #theateliersaf #insidethewhaleaf517 #architectureandfeeling #wearetime #ateliersalfonsofemia #thewhale #ilviaggionelviaggio #alfonsofemia #duringthejourney #ateliermilano #ateliergenova #atelierparis  #fellowstraveller  #iamanarchitect #architectureetgenerosité  #generosità #responsabilità #righttomatter #future #team #giacomo
I N S I D E  T H E. W H A L E // W E. A R E. T I M E // T H E. A T E L I E R (S) // L A. B O N N E. V I L L E // #realismoimmaginario #theateliersaf #insidethewhaleaf517 #architectureandfeeling #wearetime #ateliersalfonsofemia #thewhale #ilviaggionelviaggio #alfonsofemia #duringthejourney #ateliermilano #ateliergenova #atelierparis  #fellowstraveller  #iamanarchitect #architectureetgenerosité  #generosità #responsabilità #righttomatter #future #team #giacomo @atticointerni
I N S I D E  T H E. W H A L E // W E. A R E. T I M E // T H E. A T E L I E R (S) // L A. B O N N E. V I L L E // #realismoimmaginario #theateliersaf #insidethewhaleaf517 #architectureandfeeling #wearetime #ateliersalfonsofemia #thewhale #ilviaggionelviaggio #alfonsofemia #duringthejourney #ateliermilano #ateliergenova #atelierparis  #fellowstraveller  #iamanarchitect #architectureetgenerosité  #generosità #responsabilità #righttomatter #future #team #giacomo
I N S I D E  T H E. W H A L E // W E. A R E. T I M E // T H E. A T E L I E R (S) // L A. B O N N E. V I L L E // #realismoimmaginario #theateliersaf #insidethewhaleaf517 #architectureandfeeling #wearetime #ateliersalfonsofemia #thewhale #ilviaggionelviaggio #alfonsofemia #duringthejourney #ateliermilano #ateliergenova #atelierparis  #fellowstraveller  #iamanarchitect #architectureetgenerosité  #generosità #responsabilità #righttomatter #future #team #agathe
I N S I D E  T H E. W H A L E // W E. A R E. T I M E // T H E. A T E L I E R (S) // L A. B O N N E. V I L L E // #realismoimmaginario #theateliersaf #insidethewhaleaf517 #architectureandfeeling #wearetime #ateliersalfonsofemia #thewhale #ilviaggionelviaggio #alfonsofemia #duringthejourney #ateliermilano #ateliergenova #atelierparis  #fellowstraveller  #iamanarchitect #architectureetgenerosité  #generosità #responsabilità #righttomatter #future #team #champagne
I N S I D E  T H E. W H A L E // W E. A R E. T I M E // T H E. A T E L I E R (S) // L A. B O N N E. V I L L E // #realismoimmaginario #theateliersaf #insidethewhaleaf517 #architectureandfeeling #wearetime #ateliersalfonsofemia #thewhale #ilviaggionelviaggio #alfonsofemia #duringthejourney #ateliermilano #ateliergenova #atelierparis  #fellowstraveller  #iamanarchitect #architectureetgenerosité  #generosità #responsabilità #righttomatter #future #team #stefano
I N S I D E  T H E. W H A L E // W E. A R E. T I M E // T H E. A T E L I E R (S) // L A. B O N N E. V I L L E // #realismoimmaginario #theateliersaf #insidethewhaleaf517 #architectureandfeeling #wearetime #ateliersalfonsofemia #thewhale #ilviaggionelviaggio #alfonsofemia #duringthejourney #ateliermilano #ateliergenova #atelierparis  #fellowstraveller  #iamanarchitect #architectureetgenerosité  #generosità #responsabilità #righttomatter #future #team #agathe #maxime #stefano #jeanpierre
I N S I D E  T H E. W H A L E // W E. A R E. T I M E // T H E. A T E L I E R (S) // L A. B O N N E. V I L L E // #realismoimmaginario #theateliersaf #insidethewhaleaf517 #architectureandfeeling #wearetime #ateliersalfonsofemia #thewhale #ilviaggionelviaggio #alfonsofemia #duringthejourney #ateliermilano #ateliergenova #atelierparis  #fellowstraveller  #iamanarchitect #architectureetgenerosité  #generosità #responsabilità #righttomatter #future #team #giacomo #sara
I N S I D E  T H E. W H A L E // W E. A R E. T I M E // T H E. A T E L I E R (S) // L A. B O N N E. V I L L E // #realismoimmaginario #theateliersaf #insidethewhaleaf517 #architectureandfeeling #wearetime #ateliersalfonsofemia #thewhale #ilviaggionelviaggio #alfonsofemia #duringthejourney #ateliermilano #ateliergenova #atelierparis  #fellowstraveller  #iamanarchitect #architectureetgenerosité  #generosità #responsabilità #righttomatter #future #team #jeanpierre
I N S I D E  T H E. W H A L E // W E. A R E. T I M E // T H E. A T E L I E R (S) // L A. B O N N E. V I L L E // #realismoimmaginario #theateliersaf #insidethewhaleaf517 #architectureandfeeling #wearetime #ateliersalfonsofemia #thewhale #ilviaggionelviaggio #alfonsofemia #duringthejourney #ateliermilano #ateliergenova #atelierparis  #fellowstraveller  #iamanarchitect #architectureetgenerosité  #generosità #responsabilità #righttomatter #future #team #giacomo
I N S I D E  T H E. W H A L E // W E. A R E. T I M E // T H E. A T E L I E R (S) // L A. B O N N E. V I L L E // #realismoimmaginario #theateliersaf #insidethewhaleaf517 #architectureandfeeling #wearetime #ateliersalfonsofemia #thewhale #ilviaggionelviaggio #alfonsofemia #duringthejourney #ateliermilano #ateliergenova #atelierparis  #fellowstraveller  #iamanarchitect #architectureetgenerosité  #generosità #responsabilità #righttomatter #future #team #simonetta
I N S I D E  T H E. W H A L E // W E. A R E. T I M E // T H E. A T E L I E R (S) // L A. B O N N E. V I L L E // #realismoimmaginario #theateliersaf #insidethewhaleaf517 #architectureandfeeling #wearetime #ateliersalfonsofemia #thewhale #ilviaggionelviaggio #alfonsofemia #duringthejourney #ateliermilano #ateliergenova #atelierparis  #fellowstraveller  #iamanarchitect #architectureetgenerosité  #generosità #responsabilità #righttomatter #future #team #liloye #amandine
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