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Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia (AF517) is, from 2017, the new name of 5+1AA. Created by Alfonso Femia with other fellow travelers in 1995, the Atelier(s) explores the world and the human relationships through architecture, dialog and matter, listening, searching and asserting an idea of the project as a dialog tool and the importance to think and imagine the spaces, the architectures and the chronotopic cities.
“Alfonso Femia, is the founder of 5+1 agency in 1995, that became 5+1AA in 2005, and that is transformed into Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia. In 2007, with the creation of the Parisian agency, he develops the project themes in an “atelier” gathering three places characteristic of the identity of the three cities, Genoa, Milan and Paris, where a multidisciplinay team makes them live like a unique place for project and thought, feeding on the different particularities and experiences of the three cities. The Atelier(s) confront the contemporary in the way they address the relationship between territory, city and architecture, constructing this relationship as a representation of reality. A visionary pragmatism that feeds reality with its own imaginary and believes that the latter can get in touch with reality. The perception and the transformation of reality are the keys to a conception of architecture as both body and idea, at once real and emotional, pragmatic and sensual, acceptable and yet also capable of engendering wonder as a catalyst of new understanding. The research on matter, characteristic of the last projects made in Italy and France, is fundamental in the reassertion of matter as an empathic dimension of architecture when it encounters the ones who live it and occupy the city. Matter wants also generously reassert the importance of a close dialog between all the actors of the project, from the client to the craftsman. The Marseilles Docks are the reflect of the main themes developed by Atelier(s) AF517: the relation between public and private, the project as a place of destination. The dialog as a project tool and the project as a dialog tool are the actions that distinguish the thought of Atelier(s) Femia, believing in the project as an opportunity of encounters and exchanges; that is measured in and with time and that makes the chronotopic dimension one the objectives of our research.”
In 1995, when 5+1 was created, Alfonso Femia built the Forum of Aquileia, the University Campus of Savona, the Wyler Vetta Pavilion in Basel, the headquarters of the Ministry of the Interior in Rome, the Low Emission Building in Savona, the Ice Palace and the Ice Factory in Milan, the Assago Retail Park, the Villa Sottanis and Exhibition Centre in Casarza Ligure, the Blend Building and the Blend Tower for General Properties in Milan, and the Marina Residence in Cotonou (with Peia Associates).
In 2005, 5+1AA was created and Alfonso Femia won the competition for the new Venice Cinema Palace with Rudy Ricciotti.
In 2006, he opened an Atelier in Milan, dedicated to the creation and the research on the contemporary city. The same year, Simonetta Cenci became a partner of 5+1AA and took the role of General Manager for the Ateliers of Genoa and Milan.
In 2007, he created 5+1AA in Paris, with the collaboration of Nicola Spinetto who became a partner in 2009. The agency developed the masterplan that let Milan win the World Exposition 2015.
In 2008, he won the competition for the new Fiera Milan business headquarters, built in 2010 with Pietri Architectes.
In 2009, he won the competitions for the redevelopment of the Marseilles Docks for J.P. Morgan and Constructa Urban Systems and for the Great Railways Workshops in Turin, where the 150th anniversary celebrations of the Unification of Italy were held.
In 2010, he won the competition to design the Generali SGR residential complex in Milan and he also built the Toy and Art Museum and the Horizontal Tower in Milan.
In 2011, he won the “Philippe Rotthier European Prize for Architecture” in Brussels with the Ice Factory project in Milan and the “International Chicago Athenaeum Award” for the Horizontal Tower: new headquarters of the Fiera in Milan.
In 2012, he developed a program of housing in Évry (France), designed a strategic masterplan for the city of Palermo (Sicily), a urban programming and study for the sector around the Grand Paris area, a masterplan for the “Yeni Shenir” in Istanbul and for the “Secteur Étoile” in Geneva. He won the competition for the new BNL-BNP Paribas headquarters in Rome and the competition for the urban requalification of the Michelet RRG site in Marseilles with Carta Associés. He won the Award “Revealed Architectures” with the Great Railways Workshops in Turin.
In 2013, he built the Deledda Centre, the area of the Beleno Barracks in Venaria Reale and the new school complex in Zugliano. He won the competition for the regeneration of the former Fitram site in La Spezia, was entrusted with the reconversion of the Lots 4 and 9 of the Harbour of Tangier (Marocco) and with a residential project in Asnières-sur-Seine. He was invited to participate at some international competitions in Algeria, Germany and China, where he was a finalist for the new cultural center of Yuangh with Marco Piva.
In 2014, he won the competition for the redevelopment of the Bank of Italy in Rome.
He participated at the competition for the project of the new tramway in Istanbul and was invited for the new Ferragamo logistics center in Florence.
In 2015, he completed the Marseilles Docks, the university building IULM 6 in Milan and the GLF/MSC Cruises towers in Genoa. He won the competition for the construction of a student residence, a hotel and offices in Créteill’Échat with MG-AU and the one for “Dallara Automobili”: the construction of a training and exhibition center in Varano Melegari, Parma.
The same year, he founded 500×100 with Universal Selecta and created dialog formats – made with Giorgio Tartaro: SETalk, CityTalk and, in 2017, in Paris, L’Entre Deux.
In 2016, he completed the projects of the new HQ of BNL-BNP Paribas in Rome, the residential complex gathering 183 housing in Asnières-sur-Seine, the interior arrangement of Groupe La Poste HQ in Paris and the redevelopment of Cantore former barracks into a music school in Cuneo. The Marseilles Docks were rewarded as “Best Project” in several national and international awards including the MIPIM Awards in Cannes, the LEAF Awards in London, the ULI “Global Awards For Excellence” in Dallas (Texas) and The Plan Awards. The Plan International Awards rewarded the project of the new BNL-BNP Paribas headquarters in Rome in the “office/business” category, also finalist in other awards including the Mipim Awards 2017.
Among the projects in progress: the new training and exhibition center “Dallara” in Parma, the restoration of the Borromeo Villa in Arcore, the new residence “Domitys” in Segrate, the redevelopment of a building that will welcome the HQ of the bank Monte dei Paschi di Siena, and “The Corner”: the redevelopment of an offices bluiding located on Liberation Avenue in Milan.
In 2017, the 183 housing in Asnières-sur-Seine and the Dallara academy were rewarded with a special Award at The Plan Awards. The project of housing in Asnières-sur-Seine also won the First Prize of the Ceramic and the Project. 5+1AA transforms into Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, also named with the acronym AF517. Atelier(s) is currently working on projects in Algiers with the redevelopment of the Vaults and the construction of a mixed-use program in the business district of Bab Ezzouar. Atelier(s) Femia developed the masterplan of the Val d’Europe area for the candidacy of Paris at the World Exposition 2025. He won the competition for the construction of a cinema with a sports and leisure center in La Ciotat.

Alfonso Femia


Alfonso Femia was born in Taurianova, Reggio Calabria (IT) on December 1966, the 7th.
He graduated from the University of Genoa – School of Architecture in 1992.
Register of Architects of Genoa (IT) since 1994. Register of Architects of Île-de-France (FR) since 1995. Register of Architects of Switzerland since 2014.
Alfonso Femia has been a teacher of Architectural Design Didactics at Kent State University in Florence and at the Universities of Genoa and Ferrara – Schools of Architecture.
In 2015, he created 500×100 and 500x100Talk, the city as a dialog tool. He uses the SetTalk format in Milan and the City Talk in the main European and Mediterranean cities so that the city becomes a dialog tool, a place of meetings and exchanges on the theme of the city itself.

Simonetta Cenci

partner, deputy Managing Director

Born in Genoa (IT) on September 4th, 1970.
Graduated from the University of Genoa – School of Architecture in 1995.
Register of Architects of Genoa since 2000.
Collaborator of 5+1 since 1998.
In charge of ISO 9000 quality standards since 2005, she becomes partner architect of 5+1AA in 2006.
Responsible for the coordination of the various project activities and competitions, over the years she has assumed a role in General Management of the activities of 5+1AA in coordination with Alfonso Femia.
Responsible for the design sectors related to health buildings and redevelopment/rehabilitation, she mainly coordinates the ateliers(s) of Genoa and Milan. From 2017 she is General Manager of Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, the new denomination of 5+1AA.
She has collaborated with Architectural and Urban Design Didactics at the Faculty of Architecture of Genoa.

Sara Gottardo

associated architect, director of Paris Atelier

Born in Treviso (IT) on November 22nd, 1979.
Graduated from the University of Venice IUAV – School of Architecture in 2004.
Register of Architects in Italy since 2006 and registered to the “Ordre des Architectes Ile de France” since 2011.
After Venice, Genoa and Milan, now she lives between Brusseles and Paris.
Collaborator of 5+1 since 2004.
Responsible of the Milan Atelier from 2007 to 2011, from 2014 she coordinates the team in the Paris Atelier.
From 2017 she is project director of the Paris Atelier in coordination with Alfonso Femia.
Responsible for the coordination of the design of the transversal teams of the various offices of the agency, from 2017 she is an associated architect of the Paris Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, the new denomination of 5+1AA.

Sara Traverso


Nata a genova il 12 marzo 1970
Laureata presso l’università di Genova Facoltà di architettura nel 1999
iscritta all’Ordine degli Architetti Paesaggisti di Savona dal 2000
collabora con 5+1 dal 1999
dal 2009 gestisce progetti e cantieri in Francia per 5+1
dal 2017 è direttore progetti Francia per l’Atelier Femia di Genova

Alessandro Bellus

direttore atelier milano

Nato a Genova il 24 Gennaio 1980.
Laureato presso l’Università di Pavia facoltà di Ingegneria Edile/Architettura nel 2006.
Iscritto all’ordine degli ingegneri in Italia dal 2007.
Collabora con l’agenzia Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia di Genova dal 2007.
Dal Novembre 2010 è Project and Construction manager.

Marco Corazza

direttore atelier milano

Nato a Pordenone 6 giugno 1981.
Studia presso l’Università di Venezia IUAV e si Laurea presso l’Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio nel 2006.
È iscritto all’Ordine degli Architetti e Pianificatori di Milano dal 2008.
Dopo aver collaborato con gli studi milanesi Metrogramma e Amdl Michele de Lucchi, dal 2011 è direttore dell’Atelier di Milano in coordinamento con Alfonso Femia.
Dal 2012 svolge attività di assistenza alla didattica presso il Politecnico di Milano.

Liloye Chevallereau

director of research and development, communication Paris

Born on 1991, August the 23rd in Luçon.
Graduated from the University of Bretagne-Sud – master of communication and engineering of intra- and extra-European projects in 2013.
Has collaborated with the agency since 2013.
Communication and development manager in the Parisian agency.

Enrico Martino

direttore progetto, design e graphic design

Nato a Genova il 15 febbraio del 1971.
Laureato in architettura nel 2001 e iscritto all’ordine degli architetti di Genova nel 2002.
Collabora con l’Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia dal 1997 al 2005, dal 2015 direttore dei progetti di interni, prodotto, editoria e web, tra Genova, Milano e Parigi.

Lorenza Barabino

BIM manager Atelier Genova

Nata a Genova, nel 1999 si laurea in Architettura con una tesi in cui analizza, tra le altre cose, i contributi degli oggetti parametrici nel processo progettuale.
Dopo un’esperienza annuale nel campo della grafica, nel 2001 è chiamata a collaborare con lo studio 5+1AA di Genova, inizialmente occupandosi sempre di grafica, concept design e immagini di sintesi; poi affinando le sue competenze di progettista lavorando su prestigiosi progetti esecutivi, come Frigoriferi Milanesi, Sviluppo Sistema Fiera, Torri MSC, ecc. Contemporaneamente continua a coltivare il suo interesse per il processo BIM. Dal 2015 ricopre il ruolo di BIM Manager all’interno dell’Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia,in vista della direttiva che prevede l’uso del BIM per specifiche opere pubbliche entro il 2019.

Roxana Calugar


Born in Romania in 1987, she graduated in Architecture at University of Architecture and Urban Planning “Ion Mincu” Bucharest, with an year of study also at the Technical University of Lisbon.
The collaboration with the studio began in 2012 for definitive and executive phase projects and since 2015 she is following projects with the Paris office.

Stefano Delogu


Né à Alghero le 2 février 1985
Diplômé en architecture de l’université DADU Alghero en 2016
Collabore avec le studio depuis 2017 comme architecte à Paris

Gianmatteo “Teo” Ferlin

director of communication and press, Atelier(s)

Born in Finale Emilia (Modena) on 12 January 1969.
He attended the Faculty of Political Sciences – Communication Sociology of the University of Bologna.
Based in Milan, he is in charge for communication, publishing and competitions, in life he is also a musician.
Has collaborated with the agency 5+1AA, today Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, since 2008

Valentin Mazet

direttore progetto

Né à Paris le 06 mai 1986
Diplômé en architecture de l’ESA en 2012
Collabore avec le studio depuis 2015 comme directeur de projet à Paris.

Marcello Morino

direttore progetto

Né à Lisieux le 27 mars 1990
Diplômé en architecture de l’université UCL LOCI Bruxelles en 2014
Collabore avec le studio depuis 2015 comme directeur de projet à Paris.

Carola Picasso

direttore progetto

Nata a Genova il 2 Giugno 1978.
Laureata presso l’Università di Genova – facoltà di architettura nel 2005.
Iscritta all’ordine degli architetti in Italia dal 2007.
Collabora con l’agenzia 5+1, oggi Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, dal 2004, dove inizia il suo percorso lavorativo.
All’interno dello studio segue diversi lavori in fase esecutiva e di cantiere in Italia e Francia.

Giacomo Quercia


Born in Viterbo (Italy) on 25/02/1989. In 2014 he graduates in architecture from the University of Ferrara (IT) and he is part of the Italian Register of Architects since 2014. He starts his collaboration with the Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia in 2018. Within the Paris atelier he deals with projects in development and construction phase in France.

Francesca Recagno

project director in genoa

She works with Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia since 2003 and from 2010 she collaborates with Paris studio on french projects

Francesca Zampetti


Born in Avellino on September 22nd, 1984.
She graduated in 2010 from the University of Naples Federico II and is a member of the Order of the Architects since 2011.
After an international educational and professional career, she collaborates with the 5+1AA agency, now Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, in their Milan based headquarter.
She takes care of definitive and executive design, and of the consecutive construction sites.

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