©Inside The Whale AF517
April 2020

Alfonso Femia for “Paradigma. Il tavolo dell’architetto”, the format by Museo Novecento in Florence created in collaboration with Area’s editorial staff.

“The table is an intimate and collective place.
I love spaces and I love living them by moving between them, so I do not love having the table as a single place, I prefer to have more than one in the ateliers as meeting places, stratifications, time made of different densities.” AF

©3F Filippi, Metodo Studio, Massimo Spada, Andrea Fiumana

The interview on “Trittico”, the light designed by Alfonso Femia / AF*Design for 3F Filippi.

“For us, imagining light means bringing out the technological value that each product produces from the point of view of its evolution over time, but it also means to tell how we want to want to live these spaces today”. AF