BPA videos
Arsenali Repubblicani, Pisa
©Alfonso Femia & Diorama

Water as dimension of Time
A Film by Alfonso Femia/InsidethewhaleAF517 & Diorama
Biennale di Pisa, 3rd edition
Pangaea “Tempodacqua”
Pisa Architecture Biennale, Arsenali Repubblicani
photos: ©S.Anzini
Imagined along the lines of the Pangaea, the installation aims to represent the three elements of water, earth and time, by synthesizing the themes of landscape, horizon, imaginary, limit and journey, with the projects.

The Pangaea will be a continent that has become an island, transformed and transformable over time, a metaphor for the city of Pisa, first lapped by the sea, now crossed by the river.