Leisure facility 45° Parallelo

Moncalieri (TO), Italy

Leisure facility 45° Parallelo
Moncalieri (TO), Italy

program: Construction of a new retail and directional complex with cinema, entertainment spaces, services, restaurants and shops
floor area: 32 101 m2
client: Pirelli & C. Real Estate
project: Alfonso Femia * with
concept design: RTKL UK ltd
structural engineering: Progest srl
services engineering: Manens intertecnica srl
work management: J&A consultants snc
geology and geotechnics: Laboratorio Geotecnico Ligure snc
photos: ©E.Caviola
“An unrecognizable place identified thanks to the new industrial development in the memory, still physical, of the countryside at the feet of the Moncalieri’s castle; an exterior looking for a dialogue between those two worlds; an interior giving way to the commercial logic but in a more intimist vision. The amusement, outside, it’s in spontaneity.” AF
This work is part of a set of projects concerning the area of Turin, aimed at increasing the number of services and facilities at the disposal of the citizen, for spare time, entertainment, fitness, commerce… It is a big multi-purpose structure, composed of many units. The distinctive feature of the building is its “promenade”, with the shops, the gym, the exhibition centre, the cinemas and the thematic restaurants overlooking it. The “leitmotiv” of the area is “traveling and geographical explorations”. A ray of light crosses the area symbolizing the 45° parallel (Moncalieri latitude). The front overlooking via Postiglione will have a deep visual impact; its surface will be covered by a metal grill made of coated steel, receiving a natural lighting or specific lighting coming from a special projection system (a series of images will change according to particular events, or over a certain period of time). The project has a double attitude: a “communicative” one, related to the territory (300 metres long), marked by an industrial-mechanic appearance and by the stratification of opaque, glossy and transparent metal layers; and a more Introverted one, related to the city and marked by the variation of volumes and materials (wood, stone…). The finishing touches contribute to harmonize the research centre with the landscape around it, too. The grey of the steel, the opaque and transparent surfaces give way to the cosy and bright atmosphere of the internal area, marked by warm colours and materials (wood and asbestos cement…). This area is divided into three “wide stretches” which will mark the itinerary of the visitors looking for a new kind of entertainment, and much more.