Italian Sports Museum

Rome, Italy

Italian Sports Museum
Rome, Italy

program: Definitive design for the new Italian Sport Museum in Tor Vergata, Rome
> floor area: 15 760 m2
> number of seats: 200-seat room
client: SAC-Società Appalti e Costruzioni spa, Comune di Roma, Ministero dei Beni Culturali
project: Alfonso Femia * with AI Studio, AI Engineering, Annalaura Spalla
structural engineering: IQuadro ingegneria
services engineering: ICOM Engineering
images: ©Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia
“The exhibition area, concentrated in the south-facing part of the building, is conceived as a sort of temple on three levels, with a perimeter colonnade and an internal cell for thematic exhibitions.” AF
The idea was conceived as a rational division in three elements of the entire volume. The exhibition areas were thought of as a kind of three level temple which concentrates in the south part; a double height area which characterizes the main access of the building and underlines some theme/exhibition places is located in the central part; the technical areas for the museum activities, the theme areas and the administration rooms are concentrated in the north part. The west façade is stressed by a full height masonry, its surface is treated with epoxy resin, showing sports mythology themes.