Three villas

Genoa, Italy

Tre ville
Genoa, Italy

program: Construction of three new residential buildings and conservative renovation (with an expansion of 20%) of an existing rural building, with consequent change of intended use, from agricultural to residential on the hills of Genoa
area: 322,5m2
client: BRC genova
project: Alfonso Femia * with
landscape design: Alfonso Femia * & Ori&Arienti
structural engineering: IQuadro
services engineering: AI Engineering
images: ©Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia
“The intervention on this fragile and bruised territory is based on the creation of perceptual buildings – punctuation in the landscape – generated by the section of the hill, and connecting pre-existing buildings, landscape and the responsibility of taking care of the territory.” AF
The intervention that is the subject of the Building permit request concerns the construction of three new residential buildings and the conservative renovation (with a 20% expansion) of an existing rural building, resulting in a change of use, from agricultural to residential.
The four aforementioned buildings, their gardens and parking spaces, and the new private road connecting to the existing road network (via Purgatorio and via del Boschetto) are the subject of the Building Permit request while the rest of the area is subject to the Environmental Protection Plan which recognizes the value of the existing landscape and its peculiar characteristics (wood, vegetable gardens, walls, etc.) and prescribes the landscape-environmental requalification and maintenance over time.