Sile, new conference centre

Istanbul, Turkey

Sile, new conference centre
Istanbul, Turkey

program: Residences, offices, new congress center and hotel
> total area: 264 000 m2
> floor area: 49 330 m2
client: Comune di Şile
project: Alfonso Femia * with Studio Galata
images: ©Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia
“The morphology of the lots adapts to the contour lines assuming trapezoidal shapes that are characterized by their rounded corners. The structure, like a uniform texture, is thus capable of giving a new identity to the whole new residential district.” AF
The City of Sile lies northeast of the municipality of Istanbul. A system of infrastructure driveway makes it quick connection to Istanbul through the D020, allowing it to reach the city in just 30 minutes. Sile overlooking the Black Man and is located within a “band” green that characterizes the entire northern part of the peninsula of Istanbul. The project will have to deal with this important aspect of this nature for its proximity to the coast and the wooded areas will be exploited as elements of great quality that characterize both the new residences that the new convention center.
Each of the residential lots develops inside one or two villas; orientation, almost perpendicular to the coastline, allows each to have views and views towards the sea. The villas are on two or three floors, the area of the daily activities can be on the ground and enjoy a direct view of the garden, or on the first floor to have a wonderful view over the Black Sea. Of the 1.50 m high walls bordering the lot and allow you to have an internal privacy on the ground floor. The intention of this project is to give different specificities for each of the residences.