Requalification of the Morland building

Paris, France

Requalification of the Morland building
Paris, France
40 115 sqm
client: Eiffage Immobilier IDF
architects: * with Amine Benaissa, Agence Franck Neau, Studio Putman
Some places, in a city, are still intimately linked to the time of their creation.
Writing, spatial Relationships, Atmosphere.
They seem to be lost, out of times.
Particularly if this place is a building and a gloomy one.
But it exists! It is there!
It established a relationship with the city; as inactive as it can be.
Its presence is both obvious and invisible.
Maybe it already disappeared from the imagination of the people living the city, from the eyes of the passers-by.
Some meetings were written at a precise moment of our history.
A building tour becomes an immediate discover,
transforms our perception of a place, volumes and spaces.
The eyes must be sincere.
Looking for a point of contact, with patience.
Walking around the building, going closer, going far away.
Searching to understand if it developed a soul that can be expressed under a new light.
In these first moments, the accumulation of feelings, perceptions, thoughts indicate to us some Possibles.
Dialog, Strategies, Actions.