Right to matter – Cornici d’autore, Asnières-sur-seine


Right to matter – Cornici d’autore, Asnières-sur-seine

The research work on ceramic is translated by Alfonso Femia into different forms so that matter can belong once again to architecture and to its process of realization. “Matter is never a mere aesthetic issue but it is part of a storytelling around the project and the empathic dimension that the project wants or is able to tell. It is an act of responsibility because it can and must implement the supply chain as an action of the thinking chain.” Alfonso Femia
In Asnières-sur-Seine, in the project of the Gardens of Gabriel, AF design creates and develops ceramic frames with Casalgrande Padana, and in the continuous dialog with Danilo Trogu. Indeed, they ask him to transform them into a work of art, into a story, so that the totality of residential buildings can dialog about time and a sense of belonging to a place that welcomed the French impressionists around its landscape a century ago.