Sparrow Landscape

727 TMC

SPARROW LANDSCAPEdesign   product design
Sparrow Landscape
Alfonso Femia / AF*design for 7.27 The Moon Codex (Attico Interni/Staygreen)
Photos: ©S.Anzini
Sparrow Landscape is a horizontal spatial concept that brings together the idea of a variable geometry desk, surmounted by a modular system that creates a vertical skyline. It filters, separates, sets up and organizes the different moments and needs of a desk that wants to maintain a condition of “intimacy” and safety while maintaining the possibility of being a “collective” space.

Designed for the different times that each activity develops during the day, in this historical moment Sparrow Landscape also offers safety measures, as distance and possible protective support, without this having to be an additional device to the table.