Square and seaside promenade

Ceriale (SV), Italy

Square and seaside promenade
Ceriale-Savona, Italy
client: Ceriale Town Council

photos: ©G.Maritati

The design solution has the following objectives:
– to prevent a weak and often unnecessary application of urban furnitures;
– to identify the location of the project as part of a system_sequence of “squares” that can regenerate over time the seaside character of the entire waterfront in a new contemporary vision of public space;
– to split through visual displays, the different territories, the pedestrian and the machine territories, making this last one, significantly a temporary guest of the open space and not an element that tends to cancel it;
– to create « places in the place » through a game of spatial cross references (the system of circles that fit together and are disposed as positive and negative) and perceptual (the themes of the soil, water, green).