Swimming pool and private garden

Genoa, Italy

Swimming pool and private garden
Genoa, Italy

program: Preliminary, definitive and executive design for private swimming-pool and garden, Genoa
area: 480 m2
project: Alfonso Femia * with
structural engineering: Stefano Migliaro, Luca Romano
services engineering: Marco Taccini
contractor: Bodino spa
photos: ©E.Caviola, G.Maritati
“A garden can build a world, a universe made up of dreams and desires, of landscapes that are now intimate, now collective, now real, now dreamlike. Space is linked to the rhythm of time that occurs in a continuous sequence transforming the reappearance of water into a continuous discovery.” AF
The project involves maintaining and rearranging the place’s original layout by incorporating a wooden deck raised approximately 15 cm above the natural surface level, also constructing a swimming pool seamlessly inserted in the deck and enhancing the existing greenery by incorporating new essences. It was decided to use exclusively natural materials, incorporating and rearranging the landscaping by means of a system of flowerbeds and vases allowing a private and intimate outdoor environment to be recreated.