RNL housing
Île-de-France, France

program: 107 apartments, private and collective gardens
total area: 6 400 m2
floor area: 5 600 m2

client: Nexity
Alfonso Femia / Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia with
structural engineering: BET Structure Buchet
services and environmental engineering: Pouget Consultants
bureau de contrôle : Qualiconsult
art work: Danilo Trogu
energy levels: HQE NF

images : ©Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia & Diorama

The project is part of a residential area under development in the first urban crown of Paris. The project area lies in the southern part of a new residential complex. The large “not building lot” green area located on the South, defines the green vocation of the entire sector. The will to give visual continuity to the North-South axis defined by the composition of the North urban plan, creates two separate volumes. The volumes are processed to ensure continuity with the heights of adjacent volumes with buildings of 4, 5 or 6 floors in the north zone, to descend through a terrace steps facing South and harmonize with the context of single family homes included in green area.
The project dialogs with the context and is characterised by the use of matter and light. Each front defines its own specificity and explains the project in different ways. Northward, the façade of entrance from the main building has a diamond white ceramic coating that reflecting the light and the sky of Paris makes vibrate the façade in a thousand shades. To the West, a path open to the inhabitants is moving through the trees facing a façade embellished with protruding balconies protected by a wooden vertical grid. The opposite side, opened on the East towards the green hill, is characterized by a more compact dug to build lodges. The main entrance is located on the South and leads to the entrance hall, a wide, multifunctional glassed space.
CLM5 housing
Living in the blue
Milan, Italy

program: Construction of two buildings including 104 housing units for members of the Dorica and Ecopolis Casa cooperatives, 46 units with controlled rent, 5 commercial spaces and 2 co-housing buildings with 26 beds for temporary accommodation.
area: 12 404 sqm
housing for ownership (104): 8 360 m2
social rented housing (46): 3 344 m2
commercial spaces (5): 700 m2
external areas: 5 000 m2

client: Cooperativa Dorica represented by Consorzio Cooperative Lavoratori, Ecopolis Casa represented by Delta Ecopolis
Alfonso Femia / Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia with
structural engineering: FOR Engineering Architecture
services and environmental engineering: FOR Engineering Architecture
safety coordination: Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, FOR Engineering Architecture

photography: ©S. Anzini
The project is located within the Lambrate area, which is currently subjected to a complete transformation and redevelopment.
The “Living in the blue” project finds its foundations in the open/green spaces project.
Starting from the east, we find the commercial areas facing the Rubattino district, in the central area of the project instead, the axis will open towards a large green space (about 5.000 sqm); to the west a “head” with a small commercial square which redefines the crossroads between Via dei Canzi, Tanzi and San Faustino.
Two paths are interwoven in this system, also characterized by the presence of trees and green spaces made of passages, paths and small courtyards.
The central buildings will be built on pilotis to facilitate both cycle/pedestrian movements and to guarantee a feeling of complete opening at the ground floor level, and therefore a wider visual perception.
Smaller spaces are connected to this system, defined by the courtyards between the residential buildings.
School complex on Via Ragazzi del ‘99 – District of Porto di Legnago
Legnago (VR), Italy
area: 12 000 m2
client: Comune di Legnago
Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia with
landscape design: Michelangelo Pugliese, Alfonso Femia
structural engineering: Sertec Engineering
services engineering: Sertec Engineering
images: ©Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia & Diorama
“School is the first place in which a Community is created and where it builds its own future and the one of its country.
The project for the construction of a school must combine responsibility and vision, connection with time and with a sense of belonging, dimension of reality and imagination related to the new generations which will be living and building an important part of their life in these educational and meeting spaces.
These features represent the core of a project that is aware of its potential to regenerate the identity and the future of the territory in which it is placed.” AF
PLAN LIBRE design   product design
Plan Libre, Une boîte à outils
by Alfonso Femia / AF*DESIGN for Attico Interni / 7.27 The Moon Codex
Photos: ©S.Anzini
“A closet can be a volume that goes beyond the codified rules based on repetitive measures and on the usual use of it as a simple container of uses and objects, increasingly distant from our daily life and over time.
Closets must return to being a magical and surprising place, where to host our everyday life in all its dimensions and to preserve moments and secrets.
Plan Libre, Une boîte à outils is configured as a compact and simple volume, where only the apparent uncertainty of its handles, freely arranged on the surface, suggests a varied and variable internal compositional geometry thus becoming a trunk, chest, container, … and a closet at the same time, in a spell that often conceals what we have decided to store in it, becoming its secret guardian.” AF

Alfonso Femia
The Light Gate iGuzzini
Milan, Italy

program: New iGuzzini showroom and offices
area: 1000 m2

client: iGuzzini

photos: ©S. Anzini
The project consists in the realization of the new iGuzzini showroom in Via Brera, 5. The entrance from Via Brera gives access to a large hall, where the furnishing elements have been specifically designed. From the hall you can access the meeting rooms and the office areas. With the new wooden and resin staircase you have access to the floor at an altitude of +1.20 where the operating offices are located. In the basement a large lounge to be equipped for events and conferences for about 90 people, directly connected to the bar. Through the connective element one reaches the Light Experience, where the light experiments are located.
CM240 videos
©Inside The Whale AF517
April 2017

An evolving and dynamic element that changes its shape to meet the individual needs of each specific time, in a continuous metamorphosis of forms and relationships, building a landscape that opens, delimits, defines areas, modalities and working conditions according to a spontaneous, empathic and functional relationship.
BCD housing
Life, new residential district
Brescia, Italy

program: requalification of the former “ex comparto Draco” industrial area in Brescia
total area: 41 000 m2
project area: 26 692 m2
built area: 12 000 m2

building 8: 3 206 m2 (38 apartments – 1 336 m2 parking)
building 9: 10 243 m2 (116 apartments – 4 432 m2 parking)
building 10: 6 178 m2 (71 apartments – 2 781 m2 parking)
building 12: 1 537 m2 (16 apartments – 775 m2 parking)
building 13: 4 546 m2 (51 apartments – 1 546 m2 parking)
total residences: 292

client: Regolo srl, Draco srl
Alfonso Femia / Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia with
structural engineering: Ai Engineering srl
services and environmental engineering: Ai Engineering srl
contractor: Costruzioni Sandrini srl

photos: ©E.Caviola, ©L.Boegly
book: “Life. Living between intimacy and collectivity”

The buildings form and mark out the edges of the area in relation to its immediate context and defi ne the central green void. The urban park is organised in three thematic areas, a wooded park, a playground and the water park. The three areas are characterised by essences and green treatment of various lawns, trees and perfumes. Vehicular spaces will be as close to the perimeter as possible to provide maximum continuity within the public park and the pedestrian space.
House between the sky and the sea
Sori (GE), Italy

program: Requalification of a villa
total area: 200 sqm
floor area: 86 sqm

client: Carpi & C. spa
Alfonso Femia / Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia with
structural engineering: Ms Ingegneria
services engineering: Marco Taccini
geology and geotechnics: Cesare Ferrero
safety and building yard advisor: Studio Russo
survey: Novenove progetti

photos: ©E.Caviola

The planning action doesn’t involve a volumetric variation of the already existing rural building, but focuses on the change of use purpose of the building on the ground floor – formerly used as a stable – that becomes the inspirational principle of the project creating a visual and spatial continuity of the environment.The project focuses on the creation of a promenade in wooden planks that allows to visually and functionally embrace the whole property, creating a continuity between the building, the external area (slightly re-designed) and the two existing artefacts, that will be re-qualified thanks to an external wooden wrapping, a second internal glass wrapping with a slate cover.