Public parc and multipurpose centre

Savona, Italy

Public parc and multipurpose centre
Savona, Italy

program: Public parc and multipurpose centre between Fortress of Priamar and the sea
total area: 45 000 m2
client: Autorità Portuale di Savona
project: Alfonso Femia * with Studio Archea, Studio Pellegrini
structural engineering: Fabrizio Feltri
hydraulics engineering: Sandro Stura
roads and infrastructures: Stefano Migliaro
landscape design: Studio EU
project financing: Plant international property consultants
images: ©Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia
“Like a hand, the city rediscovers the sea and its horizon, between nature and artifice” AF
The proposal is to create two “water territories” – corresponding to the two phases of the intervention – within the existing platform. One territory – green dune/first phase – is related to playtime and nautical activities, the other one is related to urban life and to the buildings designed for fairs and offices.
The distinction between the first and the second phase is highlighted by the construction of the so-called “open hand”, a new complex of buildings bringing the city and the sea nearer, completing the Old Dock Master Plan operation.