New parish church of S. Ignazio da Laconi

Olbia, Italy

New parish church of S. Ignazio da Laconi
Olbia, Italy

program: Design of the new Parish of “S.Ignazio da Laconi” complex, in Olbia, including the church, the rectory and the pastoral ministry buildings.
> total area: 8 243 m2
> floor area: 2 016 m2
> church: 900 m2
> rectory: 266 m2
> pastoral ministry : 850 m2
client: CEI, diocesi tempio Ampurias
project: Alfonso Femia * with arch. Nunzio Camerada
structural engineering consultant: Roberto Mancini FOR engineering
artists: Claudio Parmiggiani, Danilo Trogu
images: ©Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia
“The iconography is designed according to local liturgical and cultural needs and is the result of an organic collaboration between designer, artist, liturgist.
The ceramic, the mantle that draws the entire volume, constitutes a sentimental vision of the building, alongside the stone, the material of the place and the skin of the entire parish complex.” AF
In the plan the two souls of the project live, the secular one and the one dedicated to religion. The circle, the centre of the composition, represents the church: next to this a linear system protects and supports the cone, developing the rest of the programme within it: the rooms, the parish hall, the spaces devoted to the pastoral ministry and the parish house. The cone and its soft shape, symbolically recall the mantle of the Virgin Mary which embraces and protects the faithful in prayer.