Life, new residential district

Brescia, Italy

Life, new residential district
Brescia, Italy

International Award “Grand Prix” Casalgrande Padana, 1st prize winner in the “Facades” category (2016)

program: requalification of the former “ex comparto Draco” industrial area in Brescia
total area: 41 000 m2
project area: 26 692 m2
built area: 12 000 m2
building 8: 3 206 m2 (38 apartments – 1 336 m2 parking)
building 9: 10 243 m2 (116 apartments – 4 432 m2 parking)
building 10: 6 178 m2 (71 apartments – 2 781 m2 parking)
building 12: 1 537 m2 (16 apartments – 775 m2 parking)
building 13: 4 546 m2 (51 apartments – 1 546 m2 parking)
total residences: 292
client: Regolo srl, Draco srl
Alfonso Femia / Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia with
structural engineering: Ai Engineering srl
services and environmental engineering: Ai Engineering srl
contractor: Costruzioni Sandrini srl
photos: ©E.Caviola, ©L.Boegly
book: “Life. Living between intimacy and collectivity”
”We believe in a sentimental city translated into an idea of living and residing always divided between intimacy and collectivity.“ AF
The buildings form and mark out the edges of the area in relation to its immediate context and defi ne the central green void. The urban park is organised in three thematic areas, a wooded park, a playground and the water park. The three areas are characterised by essences and green treatment of various lawns, trees and perfumes. Vehicular spaces will be as close to the perimeter as possible to provide maximum continuity within the public park and the pedestrian space.

> Alfonso Femia with 5+1AA, now AF517 for “ex comparto Milano”