International convention center

Hengli Island (Guangzhou), China

International convention center for International Finance Forum

Hengli Island (Guangzhou), China

program: International convention center, hotels, VIP villas and VIP apartments
total area: 242 391 m2
floor area: 323 700 m2
client: International Finance Forum
project: Alfonso Femia / Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia with AARCH-MI
landscaper: EA-DG
architectural and environmental fluid dynamics: BuildWind
images: ©Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia & EA-DG
“The marine environment, the calm presence of water, the luxuriant “intrusiveness” of nature will contaminate the architecture of this complex, making the spaces harmonious and giving a strong identity and recognition.” AF
The entire complex of the International Finance Forum is located in the eastern tip of thelarge urban area of Nansha New Area. The complex consists of the conference center, a hotel and related services, a residential complex of 20 VIP villas, located in the South Plot and a housing district in the North Plot. The project organizes the program in separate elements, each with its own identity and specificity, immersed in the lush nature of the place and contaminated by the presence of the surrounding water through canals, artificial lakes and swimming pools. The location in the eastern tip of the area allows the whole complex to be understood and lived as part of a large natural park, although fragmented in the various programs. The project comes to life with guidelines dictated by the landscape that penetrates thearea on the east front and the plot of the new neighborhood in development on the westside. These two thrusts define the points of development of the built and the natural landscape, a delicate but solid balance between artificial and natural. The different programs immersed in nature can guarantee a degree of intimacy to its users and at the same time be in constant contact with the public areas more oriented towards the west and towards the entire neighborhood in development. A sinuous walkway at high altitude will connect all the programs passing close to and hooking them through suspended squares, ramps and transversal walkways up to go inside the area, in adherence to the conference center, with a walkway that climbs a more made look out observation levels to enjoy the view of the entire complex and even more on the entire area of Nansha, one on the horizon and the sea. The whole area will be characterized by different areas but linked by a common denominator, nature, reflections, light, natural materials or references to the surrounding nature and warm and intense colors. A serene and calm atmosphere dedicated to the Forum, its inhabitants, the importance and delicacy of the topics dealt with. A convivial and at the same time intimate atmosphere will be guaranteed by the management of flows and accesses and the organization of common spaces. The project wants to create a place dedicated to mutual collaboration, harmonious communication and the pleasure of sharing and living a tailor-made environment. The marine environment, the calm presence of water, the luxuriant “intrusiveness” of nature will contaminate the architecture of this complex, making the spaces harmonious and giving a strong identity and recognition. The program itself requires rigorous attention to flow management, access management and security in space control. The entire sector will be served by a perimeter road system, freeing up all the space on the ground for pedestrian routes. The Conference Center, the hotel and the residences will be served by underground parking lots. The villas will be served by controlled access roads on the west side of the parcel. Aviability at reduced speed and integrated into the landscape will serve the individual villas.