Verona, Italia

Galtarossa area redevelopment Verona

Verona, Italy

program: Redevelopment of the former industrial area of the same name to a generative site, creating an environmentally conscious center devoted to innovation, collaboration and vocational training, a cultural and business hub that will create education, employment and networking. Included are workshops, a wellness center, the food and wine study hub, events and music areas with rehearsal rooms
> area: 20.150 m2
client: Società immobiliare Eo Magis srl, società del gruppo Ganda
project: Alfonso Femia / Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia with
structural and services engineering: Contec Ingegneria
images: ©Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia & Diorama
“Revealing the beauty of a site to be enjoyed and shared.
The transformation of an existing place is an opportunity to reconstruct the links between the place and the city, the users of the places, the past and the future.
Architecture is a precise response to a specific context: the project weaves relationships between the existing and the city.” AF
The redesign of the outdoor space becomes an element from which to start again in order to generate new cultural operations and meaning.
The central boulevard becomes an element that integrates and connects the functions of the complex.
The challenge is to extend and integrate the public space system, like an enzyme, to increase pedestrianism on an urban scale, connecting urban, natural and landscape resources in a form that fully contributes to the quality of life.
A regeneration that finds in outdoor space a place to produce and share by establishing relationships and civic actions.
To harmoniously organize and constitute “a green connective tissue” between the various functions, and at the same time a “unicum” of great effect and landscape suggestion.
A regeneration that finds in the public space, a place of being by establishing relationships and civil actions. A permeable system, linking this area to the more complex vegetation system of the city and its green filaments, and also strongly relating to the various neighborhood settlement activities. A physical, sense and relationship connection with the nearest city and the historic center.