Ventimiglia (Imperia), Italia

Borgo del Forte Campus
Ventimiglia (Imperia), Italy
competition 2022

program: project for the construction of the Borgo del Forte Campus in Ventimiglia, creation of sports, accommodation, educational facilities, green areas and bicycle and pedestrian paths. The project also includes a 110-space parking lot
client: Marina Development Corporation
Alfonso Femia / Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia
> area:
– built: 11.265 m2
– green areas: 17.430 m2
– concession areas: 14.430 m2
images: ©AF517 & Diorama
“Planimetrically, the project defines the area as a set of thematic “plaques” placed along the new bike path overlooking the Nervia.” AF
The proposed project can be considered within the framework of an organic project involving the redevelopment of areas in a state of degradation through the creation of new services intended for public use. This development falls within a territo-rial vision aimed at the urban regeneration of parts of the territory in a state of degradation and abandonment by alloca-ting them to public functions in order to integrate these areas into the fabric and through which to initiate synergies aimed at developing various economy scales. The project will thus be structured through a strong design consisting of intercon-nected public spaces capable of redefining a porosity within an area currently completely isolated from the rest of the city. Planimetrically, the project defines the area as a set of thematic “plaques” placed along the new bike path overlooking the Nervia.
This solution, also determined by functional reasons in which the co-presence of different programs are included, offered the possibility to characterize the subdivision differently. Starting from the north we find the area dedicated to the new archaeological park with paths and educational areas; immediately to the south we find the new indoor swimming facility with spaces dedicated to tennis courts; in the center of the area we find the large open space/ tree-lined square that can host outdoor shows/events and possibly be covered with temporary structures; to the south we find the large school com-plex with the presence of a new building and the renovation of the three constrained buildings; finally towards Via Rufo we find the large green filter necessary for the mitigation of the impact of the existing multi-story building.