Charles de Gaulle Square in Ajaccio

Ajaccio, France

Charles de Gaulle Square in Ajaccio
Ajaccio, France
competition winners: July 2023
building permit filing: November 2023
construction work: March 2024 – November 2025

program: Extension and renovation of the Diamant parking lot, and redevelopment of the Charles De Gaulle Square
> area:
– parking: 19.700 m2
– square: 18.890 m2
client: Ville d’Ajaccio
Alfonso Femia / Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia with VERSINI Architectes Associés
landscape design: Agence Babylone
system engineering and concrete structures: Systra
economy control: GTM Sud
bureau d’étude TCE: Systra
lighting design: Agence Lumière
OPC: AMO Spicy
images: ©AF517 & Diorama
model: ©Stefano Rossi
“A segmentation of the site, designed as a promenade, allows visitors to cross the square, taking advantage of both the unobstructed view of the coast and the clear, easy-to-read connections between nearby activities.” AF
Located very close to the Genoese city, at the intersection of the two founding axes of the city’s development, the Charles De Gaulle square is a nevralgic center of the city. The Napoléon course and the Grandval one trace back to the historic center. Like the urban development Cartesian axes, they define the main infrastructures of the modern city as the limit and rupture of the territory.
The urban form of the city center is created from this square. These two axes are almost perpendicular, like in Roman cities. The Cours Napoléon provides a wide opening. The layout, organized along two orthogonal street routes, delimits large urban areas.
This urban element, pinched between the founding axes and the coastline, constitutes an emblematic axe. The thickness of this line to be reconquered is characterized by this linear space which raises the question of the relationship between habitat and the sea.