Scandicci, Italy

“Sound Wave Building” New Powersoft Pole

Scandicci (FI), Italy
competition won in 2022
final project design – June 2023
executive project design – January 2024

program: Construction of Powersoft’s new production facility in Scandicci, Florence, Italy
> intervention area: 45.500 m2
> building: 9.300 m2
client: Bluesky immobiliare s.r.l.
Alfonso Femia / Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia with
structural engineering: B&C Associati
services engineering: FOR Engineering Architecture
images: ©Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia & Diorama
“The glass-enclosed lobby, the main entrance to the new headquarters, houses not only the reception area but also auxiliary activities such as meeting rooms and break areas. The large glass allows a full size view of the central park.” AF
The building consists of the product production and storage system, a management area with offices and representative areas and, finally, the entrance hall, the opening node to the park.
The glazed hall determines the main entrance at the head of the building. Thanks to the presence of the production and storage chain of Powersoft products, the ground floor is considered as a sort of “active base” in direct connection with the industrial axis of via of the European Parliament. The production lines occupy a large part of this operating base, making the most of the natural light of the double view. The façades of the building are characterized by two different material treatments, determined by the macro functions contained in the two main volumes of the building. The ground floor, the “active plinth”, is bordered by multi-walled U.V. polycarbonate honeycomb sheets. The upper floors of the offices, on the other hand, are characterized by an entirely glazed façade with a metal skin in expanded metal that surrounds the entire perimeter of the building.