New school complex

Zugliano, Italy

New school complex
Zugliano, Italy

Special Mention at the LIGNIUS Made in Italy Architecture Competition (2017)

program: New school complex in Zugliano (Vicenza)
total area: 3 500 sqm (of which 1 000 sqm dedicated to the internal courtyard)
client: Zugliano Town Council
project: Alfonso Femia * with Diego Peruzzo, Sandro Cavalieri
structural engineering: IQuadro Ingegneria srl
services and environmental engineering: Ai Engineering srl
ceramic model: Danilo Trogu
photos: ©E.Caviola
book: “A school for Zugliano”
“A society that decides to act and participate, begins with the construction of schools. A community that believes in the school as a major public building and self-representation is a community that interacts with history, with the collective sentiments and the future.” AF
Designing, building a school is a public event. Therefore, we conceived a building that is both representative and functional, recognizable and simple, with the capability to dialogue with the territory and the landscape, but secure and protective.
Two territorial elements give birth to the project: the area’s horizontal line; mountains and hills’ profile. The project’s theme is to exploit these conditions in order to build a representative and functional building, a system able to declare his belonging to the context, strengthening its own characteristics.