New Palazzo del Cinema

Venice, Italy

New Palazzo del Cinema in venice
Venice, Italy

Venice Biennale Silver Lion (2005)

program: New Palazzo del Cinema di Venezia and surrounding areas
floor area: 18.500 m2
total volume: 184.000 m3
client: Fondazione La Biennale di Venezia, Comune di Venezia
project: Alfonso Femia * with Rudy Ricciotti
structural engineering: AI Engineering, IQuadro Ingegneria
services engineering: AI Engineering
model: Danilo Trogu
images: ©Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia & Rudy Ricciotti
photography: ©Ernesta Caviola
book: “Il nuovo Palazzo del Cinema di Venezia”
“Is it city or territory? Is it place or memory? Is it present or past? The loneliness of a building that hides, like a magical box, what responsibly doesn’t need to be shown, and stands in the apparently secluded, but at the same time strong and magical, place – it looks at Venice through a dragon-fly’s wing. We are not afraid of metaphysics, loneliness and dreaming. That is Cinema. But that tries, by means of magic realism, to become Architecture.” AF
This competition for the New Cinema Palace has a dual nature: the need for visibility and international expressivity and the respect for the extraordinary wealth of the Venice-Lido system.
The winning solution is to bury a big part of the project. The opaque and earth-like appearance of the Hall harmonizes with the green areas of Piazza del Cinema and Giardino del Cinema, and with the two existing buildings. The image of a dragonfly wing has been used for the glass wall of the Hall overlooking the garden. The materials and images from the world of Cinema such as gold, velvet and leather have been used for the Foyer, the catwalk, the Cinema marketplace and the Bar. This answer to the duality of the competition represents a compositional and perceptive unicum, binding together respect and expressive strength, metaphysical realism and sensuality.